PocketPC users have three choices:

  1. Download eBooks created for MS Reader
  2. Download eBooks created for MobiPocket Reader
  3. Download eBooks created for iSilo Reader

For your convenience, below is a simplified comparison table of the current versions as of this writing, followed by a summary of advantages for each:

MS Reader vs. MobiPocket Reader for PocketPC/WindowsCE

Feature MS Reader iSilo MobiPocket Reader 4.3
Supported Devices PocketPC (MS Reader 1.0), PocketPC 2002 (MS Reader 2.0) PalmOS 3.0 or later, PocketPC, Windows 95 or later Windows CE 2.x, PocketPC (all versions), PalmOS, Psion Epoc32, Nokia 9210/9290, Franklin eBookMan
Price Free $17.50, 30-Day Trial Available, feature limited free version also available. Free*
Bookmarks Yes Yes Yes
Notes Yes No No*
Highlighting Yes No No*
Drawings for notes Yes No No*
Dictionary Lookup Yes (registration required) No Yes**
Copy Selected Text Yes Yes Yes
Extra-Clear Type ClearType No MobiType only available on color Palm devices
Autoscrolling No Yes No*
Read from Expansion Card Yes Yes Yes
* Now Available in MobiPocket Reader Pro 4.5 for $19.95 - for a comparison of the different MobiPocket versions, check out the comparison at Mobipocket.
** Merriam Webster Vest Pocket Dictionary for MobiPocket 4.3 and above released February 22, 2002. It costs $9.95 and can be downloaded at MobiPocket.

Download the free MobiPocket Reader or MS Reader 2.0.

Advantages for choosing MS Reader:

Reasons for choosing iSilo (not available at the time of initial review):

Advantages for choosing MobiPocket Reader:

Note: Author of comparison uses both readers (iSilo not available at the time of review), but prefers MobiPocket Reader.


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