Documented evidence supports the conclusion that Ellen White's ancestry is of Anglo-Saxon origin. In 1920 Ellen White's lineage on her father's side was set forth in the publication of The Harmon Genealogy, by Artemas C. Harmon. Many years later, in the early 1980s, the White Estate contracted with a professional genealogist to specifically trace Ellen White's lineage on her mother's side-Eunice Gould Harmon. The results were printed in 1983 in the form of an ancestral chart reaching back five generations to John Gold, son of Jarvis Gold and Mary Gold, who came to Massachusetts from Kent County, England, in 1635.

More recently, the White Estate contracted with another professional genealogist to study in even more detail Ellen White's direct maternal Gould line. The results of this second study were published in a genealogist's report, completed in 2002. It harmonized with the conclusions of the previous professional genealogist twenty years earlier, namely, that Ellen White's Gould ancestors came directly from England to New England in 1635.

Thus, the White Estate's position that Ellen White's ancestry was of Anglo-Saxon origin is based upon two professional genealogical studies, plus Artemas C. Harmon's genealogical book.