What were Ellen White's visions like? Are there any eye-witness accounts?

The work of anyone who claims to bear God's message must meet the sure tests of the Word of God, such as, "by their fruits ye shall know them," "to the law and to the testimony," the fulfillment of predictions, etc. While the physical phenomena that sometimes accompanied the visions do not rightfully form a test, they did supply, in the minds of most eyewitnesses, confirmatory evidence of the working of divine power. Those who personally witnessed Ellen White in vision observed very carefully what took place. From the eyewitness accounts available, we can build the following summary:

1. Immediately preceding a vision, both Mrs. White and others in the room experienced a deep sense of the presence of God .
2. As the vision began, Ellen White would exclaim "Glory!" or "Glory to God!", at times repeated.
3. She experienced a loss of physical strength.
4. Subsequently, she often manifested supernatural strength.
5. She did not breathe, but her heartbeat continued normally, and the color in her cheeks was natural.
6. Occasionally she gave exclamations indicative of the scene being presented to her.
7. Her eyes were open, not with vacant stare, but as if she were intently watching something.
8. Her position might vary. At times she was seated; at times reclining; at times she walked about the room and made graceful gestures as she spoke of matters presented.
9. She was absolutely unconscious of what was occurring about her. She neither saw, heard, felt, nor perceived in any way her immediate surroundings or happenings.
10. The close of the vision was indicated by a deep inhalation, followed in about a minute by another, and very soon her natural breathing resumed.
11. Immediately after the vision all seemed very dark to her.
12. Within a short time she regained her natural strength and abilities.