• Chapter 1—Proper Education
  • Chapter 2—Our College
  • Chapter 3—Pure Education
  • Chapter 4—Our College
  • Chapter 5—Proper Education of the Young
  • Chapter 6—A Knowledge of God
  • Chapter 7—The Schools of the Prophets
  • Chapter 8—The Teacher of Truth the Only Safe Educator
  • Chapter 9—The Treasure with Which to Store the Mind
  • Chapter 10—The Science of Salvation the First of Sciences
  • Chapter 11—Christian Character Exemplified in Teachers and Students
  • Chapter 12—The World by Wisdom Knew not God
  • Chapter 13—Books in Our Schools
  • Chapter 14—The Book of Books
  • Chapter 15—The Value of Bible Study
  • Chapter 16—The Necessity of Doing Our Best
  • Chapter 17—Formality, Not Organization, An Evil
  • Chapter 18—The Education Most Essential For Gospel Workers
  • Chapter 19—To Teachers
  • Chapter 20—Home Education
  • Chapter 21—Parental Responsibility
  • Chapter 22—Education And Health
  • Chapter 23—Mental Inebriates
  • Chapter 24—The Literal Week
  • Chapter 25—Fragments