• Chapter 1—Saul the Persecutor
  • Chapter 2—Conversion of Saul
  • Chapter 3—Paul Enters Upon His Ministry
  • Chapter 4—Ordination of Paul and Barnabas
  • Chapter 5—Preaching Among the Heathen
  • Chapter 6—Jew and Gentile
  • Chapter 7—Imprisonment of Paul and Silas
  • Chapter 8—Opposition at Thessalonica
  • Chapter 9—Paul at Berea and Athens
  • Chapter 10—Paul at Corinth
  • Chapter 11—Epistles to the Thessalonians
  • Chapter 12—Apollos at Corinth
  • Chapter 13—Paul at Ephesus
  • Chapter 14—Trials and Victories of Paul
  • Chapter 15—Paul to the Corinthians
  • Chapter 16—Second Epistle to the Corinthians
  • Chapter 17—Paul Revisits Corinth
  • Chapter 18—Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem
  • Chapter 19—Meeting with the Elders
  • Chapter 20—Paul a Prisoner
  • Chapter 21—Trial at Caesarea
  • Chapter 22—Paul Appeals to Caesar
  • Chapter 23—Address Before Agrippa
  • Chapter 24—The Voyage and Shipwreck
  • Chapter 25—Arrival at Rome
  • Chapter 26—Sojourn at Rome
  • Chapter 27—Caesar's Household
  • Chapter 28—Paul at Liberty
  • Chapter 29—The Final Arrest
  • Chapter 30—Paul Before Nero
  • Chapter 31—Paul's Last Letter
  • Chapter 32—Martyrdom of Paul and Peter