• Special Testimonies On Education
  • Chapter 1—True Education
  • Chapter 2—Higher Education
  • Chapter 3—The True Higher Education
  • Chapter 4—Importance of Physical Culture
  • Chapter 5—Manual Training
  • Chapter 6—Educational Influence of Surroundings
  • Chapter 7—Teachers and Teaching
  • Chapter 8—The Bible in Educational Work
  • Chapter 9—God in Nature
  • Chapter 10—Christ as the Example and Teacher of Youth
  • Chapter 11—The Parable of the Growing Seed
  • Chapter 12—Character Building
  • Chapter 13—The Manifest Working of the Holy Spirit at Battle Creek College
  • Chapter 14—Work and Education
  • Chapter 15—Speedy Preparation For Work
  • Chapter 16—The Bible the Most Important Book for Education in Our Schools
  • Chapter 17—A Divine Example
  • Chapter 18—Christ's Example In Contrast With Formalism
  • Chapter 19—True Principles in Education
  • Chapter 20—The Divine Teacher
  • Chapter 21—To Teachers and Students
  • Chapter 22—Study the Bible for Yourselves
  • Chapter 23—Our Youth and Children Demand Our Care
  • Chapter 24—The Holy Spirit in the Schools
  • Chapter 25—Diligent and Thorough Education
  • Chapter 26—The Essential Education
  • Chapter 27—The Great Lesson Book
  • Chapter 28—Books and Authors in Our Schools
  • Chapter 29—Fragments