• Chapter 1—The Fall of Satan
  • Chapter 2—The Fall of Man
  • Chapter 3—The Plan of Salvation
  • Chapter 4—The First Advent of Christ
  • Chapter 5—The Ministry of Christ
  • Chapter 6—The Transfiguration
  • Chapter 7—The Betrayal of Christ
  • Chapter 8—The Trial of Christ
  • Chapter 9—The Crucifixion of Christ
  • Chapter 10—The Resurrection of Christ
  • Chapter 11—The Ascension of Christ
  • Chapter 12—The Disciples of Christ
  • Chapter 13—The Death of Stephen
  • Chapter 14—The Conversion of Saul
  • Chapter 15—The Jews Decided to Kill Paul
  • Chapter 16—Paul Visited Jerusalem
  • Chapter 17—The Great Apostasy
  • Chapter 18—Mystery of Iniquity
  • Chapter 19—Death, Not Eternal Life in Misery
  • Chapter 20—The Reformation
  • Chapter 21—The Church and World United
  • Chapter 22—William Miller
  • Chapter 23—The First Angel's Message
  • Chapter 24—The Second Angel's Message
  • Chapter 25—Advent Movement Illustrated
  • Chapter 26—Another Illustration
  • Chapter 27—The Sanctuary
  • Chapter 28—The Third Angel's Message
  • Chapter 29—A Firm Platform
  • Chapter 30—Spiritualism
  • Chapter 31—Covetousness
  • Chapter 32—The Shaking
  • Chapter 33—The Sins of Babylon
  • Chapter 34—The Loud Cry
  • Chapter 35—The Third Message Closed
  • Chapter 36—The Time of Jacob's Trouble
  • Chapter 37—Deliverance of the Saints
  • Chapter 38—The Saints’ Reward
  • Chapter 39—The Earth Desolated
  • Chapter 40—The Second Resurrection
  • Chapter 41—The Second Death