• Chapter 1—Childhood
  • Chapter 2—Conversion
  • Chapter 3—Beginning of Public Labours
  • Chapter 4—The Advent Faith
  • Chapter 5—The Disappointment
  • Chapter 6—My First Vision
  • Chapter 7—A Vision of the New Earth1At the time of another visit at the home of Mrs. Haines, about a year after the first vision, there was given to Miss Harmon a vision of the new earth, and the descent of the holy city, which takes place at the end of the thousand years after Christ's second advent. Revelation 21:10-27; Zechariah 14:4.
  • Chapter 10—The Sabbath of the Lord
  • Chapter 11—Marriage and United Labours
  • Chapter 12—The Heavenly Sanctuary
  • Chapter 13—Gods's Love for His People
  • Chapter 14—The Sealing
  • Chapter 15—The Trial of Our Faith
  • Chapter 16—To the Little Flock
  • First Visit To Connecticut
  • Chapter 20—Encouraging Providences
  • Chapter 21—Prayer and Faith
  • Chapter 22—Beginning to Publish
  • Chapter 23—Visiting the Brethren
  • Chapter 24—Publishing Again
  • Chapter 25—Removal to Michigan
  • Chapter 26—The Two Ways
  • Chapter 27—The Two Crowns
  • Chapter 28—Modern Spiritualism
  • Chapter 29—Snares of Satan
  • Chapter 30—The Shaking
  • Chapter 31—Traveling the Narrow Way
  • Chapter 32—Preparing for the Judgment
  • Chapter 33—Organization and Development
  • Chapter 34—God's Love for the Church
  • The Church Triumphant
  • The Joys Of The Redeemed
  • Appendix1The two articles in this appendix, “The Prophetic Gift” and “Tested by the Word,” were written by pastors R. W. Munson and D. E. Robinson, in the autumn of 1914.
  • Christ's Office Magnified