• Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work
  • Chapter 1—The Sabbath-School and the Church Service
  • Chapter 2—The Use of Helps
  • Chapter 3—Search the Scriptures
  • Chapter 4—Sabbath-School Duties in the Camp-Meeting and at Home
  • Chapter 5—To Superintendents and Teachers
  • Chapter 6—Sabbath-School Influences
  • Chapter 7—Possibilities in Sabbath-School Work
  • Chapter 8—Responsibilities of Parents and Teachers
  • Chapter 9—Need of Genuine Religion in Our Sabbath-Schools
  • Chapter 10—Cooperation with Christ
  • Chapter 11—The Object of Sabbath-School Work
  • Chapter 12—Heart Work in Sabbath-School Teacher and Scholar
  • Chapter 13—The Teacher Must Be a Learner
  • Chapter 14—The Spirit of Investigation Essential
  • Chapter 15—What It Means to be a Laborer with God
  • Chapter 16—The All-Important Lesson
  • Chapter 17—Need of Consecrated Teachers
  • Chapter 18—Christ Our Example
  • Chapter 19—Treatment of Erring Pupils
  • Chapter 20—Qualifications of Teachers
  • Chapter 21—Safety in Following Christ
  • Chapter 22—Fresh Themes to be Presented
  • Chapter 23—To Teachers
  • Chapter 24—Danger of Formalism
  • Chapter 25—The Holy Spirit Essential to Success
  • Chapter 26—Consecration of Teachers
  • Chapter 27—Safeguarding the Children
  • Chapter 28—Love the Constraining Power
  • Chapter 29—God's Manner of Imparting Knowledge
  • Chapter 30—Fragments