• Preface
  • Chapter 1—Important Facts and Principles
  • Chapter 2—Cautions and Counsels
  • Chapter 3—Individuality
  • Chapter 4—Remarriage of Widows and Widowers
  • Chapter 5—The Christian Spouse's Behavior
  • Chapter 6—Counsels to Walter and Laura
  • Chapter 7—Admonition to Walter's Second Mother-in-law
  • Chapter 8—Failure of Walter's Second Marriage
  • Chapter 9—Separation
  • Chapter 10—Grounds for Divorce
  • Chapter 11—The Sin of Licentiousness
  • Chapter 12—Disregard of the Seventh Commandment
  • Chapter 13—Dealing with Impure Thoughts and Suggestions
  • Chapter 14—Sexual Excess within Marriage
  • Chapter 15—Petting and Premarital Sex
  • Chapter 16—Homosexuality
  • Chapter 17—Masturbation
  • Chapter 18—Child Abuse
  • Chapter 19—A Housewife
  • Chapter 20—A Long-Standing Adventist and His Mistress
  • Chapter 21—A Hospital Worker
  • Chapter 22—A Sanitarium Superintendent
  • Chapter 23—A Would-Be Sanitarium Superintendent
  • Chapter 24—A Medical Doctor
  • Chapter 25—A Literature Evangelist
  • Chapter 26—A Public Evangelist
  • Chapter 27—An Honored Minister
  • Chapter 28—An Influential Minister
  • Chapter 29—Four Unholy Ministers
  • Chapter 30—Ellen White's Assistants
  • Chapter 31—Respect for Unbiblical Marriages
  • Chapter 32—Brother G
  • Chapter 33—Stephen Belden
  • Chapter 34—William E (Part I)
  • Chapter 35—William E (Part II)
  • Chapter 36—Appeal to Ministers
  • Chapter 37—Counsel to a General Conference President
  • Chapter 38—Counsels to City Mission and Institutional Leaders
  • Chapter 39—The Adulterer and Church Membership
  • Chapter 40—A Statement by Ellen and James White
  • Chapter 41—God's Love for the Sinner
  • Chapter 42—Understanding Others
  • Appendix B An Early Church Problem