• Foreword
  • Lifting the Veil on the Future
  • Chapter 1—A Forecast of the World's Destiny
  • Chapter 2—The First Christians Loyal and True
  • Chapter 3—Spiritual Darkness in the Early Church
  • Chapter 4—The Waldenses Defend the Faith
  • Chapter 5—The Light Breaks in England
  • Chapter 6—Two Heroes Face Death
  • Chapter 7—Luther, a Man for His Time
  • Chapter 8—A Champion of Truth
  • Chapter 9—Light Kindled in Switzerland
  • Chapter 10—Progress in Germany
  • Chapter 11—The Protest of the Princes
  • Chapter 12—Daybreak in France
  • Chapter 13—The Netherlands and Scandinavia
  • Chapter 14—Truth Advances in Britain
  • Chapter 15—France's Reign of Terror: Its True Cause
  • Chapter 16—Seeking Freedom in a New World
  • Chapter 17—Promises of Christ's Return
  • Chapter 18—New Light in the New World
  • Chapter 19—Why the Great Disappointment?
  • Chapter 20—Love for Christ's Coming
  • Chapter 21—Reaping the Whirlwind
  • Chapter 22—Prophecies Fulfilled
  • Chapter 23—The Open Mystery of the Sanctuary
  • Chapter 24—What Is Christ Doing Now?
  • Chapter 25—God's Law Unchangeable
  • Chapter 26—Champions for Truth
  • Chapter 27—How Successful Are Modern Revivals?
  • Chapter 28—Facing Our Life Record
  • Chapter 29—Why Was Sin Permitted?
  • Chapter 30—Satan and Humanity at War
  • Chapter 31—Evil Spirits
  • Chapter 32—How to Defeat Satan
  • Chapter 33—What Happens After Death?
  • Chapter 34—Who Are the “Spirits” in Spiritualism?
  • Chapter 35—Liberty of Conscience Threatened
  • Chapter 36—The Approaching Conflict
  • Chapter 37—Our Only Safeguard
  • Chapter 38—God's Final Message
  • Chapter 39—The Time of Trouble
  • Chapter 40—God's People Delivered
  • Chapter 41—The Earth in Ruins
  • Chapter 42—Eternal Peace: The Controversy Ended