• Testimonies to Southern Africa
  • Chapter 1—Counsel to Missionaries en Route to Africa
  • Chapter 2—Letter to a Minister and His Wife Bound for Africa
  • Chapter 3—Counsel to Missionaries in Africa
  • Chapter 4—Walk in All Humility
  • Chapter 5—Five Letters to Members of the Wessels Family in South Africa
  • Letter B
  • Letter C
  • Letter D
  • Letter E
  • Chapter 6—Extracts of Other Letters to the Wessels Family
  • Opposers of the Truth
  • Ellen White's Example in Giving
  • Evil of Gossiping
  • Medical Missionary Work
  • Unity in the Church
  • Self-denial for the Work
  • The Relation of Man to His Fellow-man
  • Appeal to Follow Christ
  • To a Younger Christian
  • Miracles in the Closing Conflict
  • Chapter 7—Four Letters to a Leading Missionary Worker in Africa
  • Letter B
  • Letter C
  • Letter D
  • Chapter 8—Letter to a Missionary Wife in Africa
  • Chapter 9—Counsel to a Missionary in Africa
  • Chapter 10—A Second Letter of Counsel to a Missionary in Africa
  • Chapter 11—Words to the Workers in Africa
  • Chapter 12—Extracts of Letter to a General Conference Representative Visiting in Africa
  • Students Going to America
  • A Prayer of Penitence