• Chapter 1—God's Call to Service
  • Chapter 2—The Call to Young People
  • Chapter 3—Conditions Among God's People
  • Chapter 4—World Conditions Facing the Christian Worker
  • Chapter 5—The Church a Training Center
  • Chapter 6—Students to Do Missionary Work While in Training
  • Chapter 7—Co-operation of Ministers and Laymen
  • Chapter 8—Organizing Christian Forces
  • Chapter 9—The Call to Arouse
  • Chapter 10—Methods
  • Chapter 11—Medical Missionary Work
  • Chapter 12—Bible Evangelism
  • Chapter 13—Ministry of the Printed Page
  • Chapter 14—Religious Liberty
  • Chapter 15—Harvest Ingathering
  • Chapter 16—The Church Expansion Movement
  • Chapter 17—Christian Help Work
  • Chapter 18—The Camp-Meeting an Aid in Christian Service
  • Chapter 19—The Home-Foreign Field
  • Chapter 20—Reaching The Wealthy And Influential
  • Chapter 21—The Home a Missionary Training Center
  • Chapter 22—The Prayer And Missionary Meeting
  • Chapter 23—Miscellaneous Lines of Missionary Work
  • Chapter 24—Qualifications for Successful Christian Service
  • Chapter 25—The Holy Spirit
  • Chapter 26—Assurance of Success
  • Chapter 27—Reward of Service