• The Southern Work
  • Section 1—Ellen White's Appeal To The Church
  • Our Duty to the Colored People
  • Section 2—The “Review and Herald” Articles
  • Work Among the Colored People
  • An Appeal for the Southern Field
  • An Appeal for the South—2
  • An Appeal for the South—3
  • An Example in History
  • The Bible the Colored People's Hope
  • Spirit and Life for the Colored People
  • “Am I My Brother's Keeper?”
  • Lift Up Your Eyes and Look on the Field
  • Volunteers Wanted for the Southern Field
  • Section 3—Counsels Regarding the Work In the South
  • Words of Precaution Regarding Sunday Labor
  • Proper Methods of Work in the Southern Field
  • The Southern Field
  • Section 4—Special Counsels and Cautions In 1899
  • Colonization Not Advisable
  • The Field Becoming Difficult
  • Further Counsel Regarding a Colony in the South
  • A Neglected Work
  • Principles Regarding Restitution