• The Spirit of Prophecy Volume Two
  • Chapter 1—The First Advent of Christ
  • Chapter 2—The Life of Christ
  • Chapter 3—Life and Mission of John
  • Chapter 4—The Mission of Christ
  • Chapter 5—The Death of John
  • Chapter 6—Temptation of Christ
  • Chapter 7—The Marriage at Cana
  • Chapter 8—Cleansing the Temple
  • Chapter 9—Nicodemus Comes to Christ
  • Chapter 10—The Woman of Samaria
  • Chapter 11—The Centurion's Son
  • Chapter 12—Jesus at Bethesda
  • Chapter 13—Jesus at Capernaum
  • Chapter 14—Choosing the Disciples
  • Chapter 15—The Sabbath
  • Chapter 16—Sermon on the Mount
  • Chapter 17—The Leper Healed
  • Chapter 18—Parable of the Sower
  • Chapter 19—Other Parables
  • Chapter 20—The Loaves and Fishes
  • Chapter 21—Walking on the Water
  • Chapter 22—Christ in the Synagogue
  • Chapter 23—The Paralytic
  • Chapter 24—Woman of Canaan
  • Chapter 25—Christ Stills the Tempest
  • Chapter 26—Men from the Tombs
  • Chapter 27—Jairus’ Daughter
  • Chapter 28—The Transfiguration
  • Chapter 29—Feast of Tabernacles
  • Chapter 30—Go and Sin No More
  • Chapter 31—Resurrection of Lazarus
  • Chapter 32—Mary's Offering
  • Chapter 33—Riding Into Jerusalem