• To the Reader
  • Chapter 1—Angels and You—a Brief Overview
  • Chapter 2—Angel Ministry Today
  • Chapter 3—Angels in Heaven, Before the Rebellion
  • Chapter 4—The Origin of Evil
  • Chapter 5—The Rebellious Angels Are Cast Out, and Adam and Eve Fall
  • Chapter 6—Angels Before and After Noah's Flood
  • Chapter 7—Angels in the Patriarchal Age
  • Chapter 8—Angels at the Time of the Exodus
  • Chapter 9—Angels From Sinai to the Taking of Jericho
  • Chapter 10—Angels From the Time of the Judges to the Early Kingdom
  • Chapter 11—Angels From David's Time to the Babylonian Captivity
  • Chapter 12—Angels From the Captivity to John the Baptist
  • Chapter 13—The Incarnation and Early Life of Christ
  • Chapter 14—Angels at Christ's Baptism and in the Wilderness
  • Chapter 15—Good and Evil Angels During Christ's Ministry
  • Chapter 16—Angels From Christ's Passion Until His Death
  • Chapter 17—Angels From Christ's Resurrection Until His Ascension
  • Chapter 18—Angels From Pentecost to the Last Days
  • Chapter 19—Angels in Ellen White's Experience
  • Chapter 20—Angels in the Final Crisis
  • Chapter 21—Angels in the Great Hereafter
  • Epilogue