• Preface
  • Chapter 1—Teaching in Parables
  • Chapter 2—“The Sower Went Forth to Sow”
  • Chapter 3—“First the Blade, Then the Ear”
  • Chapter 4—Tares
  • Chapter 5—“Like a Grain of Mustard Seed”
  • Chapter 6—Other Lessons from Seed-Sowing
  • Chapter 7—Like Unto Leaven
  • Chapter 8—Hidden Treasure
  • Chapter 9—The Pearl
  • Chapter 10—The Net
  • Chapter 11—Things New and Old
  • Chapter 12—Asking to Give
  • Chapter 13—Two Worshipers
  • Chapter 14—“Shall Not God Avenge His Own?”
  • Chapter 15—“This Man Receiveth Sinners”
  • Chapter 16—“Lost, and Is Found”
  • Chapter 17—“Spare it this Year Also”
  • Chapter 18—“Go Into the Highways and Hedges”
  • Chapter 19—The Measure of Forgiveness
  • Chapter 20—Gain that is Loss
  • Chapter 21—“A Great Gulf Fixed”
  • Chapter 22—Saying and Doing
  • Chapter 23—The Lord's Vineyard
  • Chapter 24—Without a Wedding Garment
  • Chapter 25—Talents
  • Chapter 26—“Friends by the Mammon of Unrighteousness”
  • Chapter 27—“Who is My Neighbour?”
  • Chapter 28—The Reward of Grace
  • Chapter 29—“To Meet the Bridegroom”