• Foreword
  • Chapter 1—Why Poverty and Distress?
  • Chapter 2—Christ's Sympathy for Suffering Humanity
  • Chapter 3—Isaiah 58—A Divine Prescription
  • Chapter 4—This is Pure Religion
  • Chapter 5—The Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Chapter 6—Our Example in Welfare Ministry
  • Chapter 7—Visitation—The New Testament Plan
  • Chapter 8—Dorcas—Her Ministry and its Influence
  • Chapter 9—Types of Work in Neighborhood Evangelism
  • Chapter 10—Kindness the Key to Hearts
  • Chapter 11—How to Visit and What to Do
  • Chapter 12—The Effectiveness of Visitation Evangelism
  • Chapter 13—Organizing the Church for Welfare Ministry
  • Chapter 14—In the Footsteps of the Master
  • Chapter 15—Medical Ministry in the Homes
  • Chapter 16—Preparing for Last-Day Crises and Disasters
  • Chapter 17—Women Called to the Work
  • Chapter 18—Qualifications of Women for Service
  • Chapter 19—The Influence of Christian Women
  • Chapter 20—Ministry to the Poor
  • Chapter 21—The Poor in the Church
  • Chapter 22—The Poor of the World
  • Chapter 23—Helping the Poor to Help Themselves
  • Chapter 24—Poor to Exercise Benevolence
  • Chapter 25—Our Duty to the Unfortunate
  • Chapter 26—Help and Encouragement for Widows
  • Chapter 27—The Care of Orphans
  • Chapter 28—Adopting Children
  • Chapter 29—The Care of the Aged
  • Chapter 30—Our Responsibility to the Blind
  • Chapter 31—Working for Outcasts
  • Chapter 32—Cautions Sounded
  • Chapter 33—The Call for a Balanced Work
  • Chapter 34—Our Individual Responsibility
  • Chapter 35—Releasing the Streams of Benevolence
  • Chapter 36—Specific Funds for Welfare Work
  • Chapter 37—The Wealth of the Gentiles
  • Chapter 38—Food Sales
  • Chapter 39—Forbidden Money-Raising Methods
  • Chapter 40—The Influence of Neighborhood Ministry
  • Chapter 41—Reflex Blessings
  • Chapter 42—The Present and Eternal Rewards