• Chapter 1—Our Literature and Its Mission
  • Chapter 2—A Work Second to None
  • Chapter 3—A Call for Colporteur Evangelists
  • Chapter 4—Selection of Colporteur Evangelists
  • Chapter 5—Our Students and Colporteur Evangelism
  • Chapter 6—A Soul-Winning Work
  • Chapter 7—Wholly Surrendered to God
  • Chapter 8—Fully Prepared
  • Chapter 9—Exemplary in Habit, Deportment, and Dress
  • Chapter 10—Pleasing in Voice and Speech
  • Chapter 11—Diligent in Service
  • Chapter 12—Given to Much Prayer
  • Chapter 13—Points on Selling
  • Chapter 14—The Colporteur Evangelist and Finance
  • Chapter 15—Co-operating with Other Gospel Workers
  • Chapter 16—Led by God's Spirit
  • Chapter 17—Accompanied by Angels
  • Chapter 18—Help for Every Difficulty
  • Chapter 19—Books That Give the Message
  • Chapter 20—Our Large Message Books
  • Chapter 21—Health Publications
  • Chapter 22—Maintaining a Proper Balance
  • Chapter 23—Our Magazine Ministry
  • Chapter 24—The Far-Reaching Influence of our Publications