• Daughters of God
  • A Word to the Reader
  • Chapter 1—The Lord Calls Women to His Service
  • Chapter 2—Women of Note in the Old Testament
  • Chapter 3—Women of Note in the New Testament
  • Chapter 4—Bible Study and Prayer Essential
  • Chapter 5—Women as Teachers
  • Chapter 6—Women as Physicians
  • Chapter 7—Women's Role in Soul-Winning Ministry
  • Chapter 8—“The Labourer Is Worthy of His Hire”
  • Chapter 9—Neighborhood Ministry
  • Chapter 10—Temperance Work
  • Chapter 11—“Go Ye Into All The World”
  • Chapter 12—Self-respect
  • Chapter 13—The Influence of Christian Women
  • Chapter 14—The Christian Woman Is Modest at All Times
  • Chapter 15—Balance in the Life
  • Chapter 16—Health, Exercise, and Healthful Living
  • Chapter 17—Marriage, Home, Family
  • Chapter 18—Mothers
  • Chapter 19—Responsibilities of Parenthood
  • Chapter 20—A Knowledge of Practical Duties of Life
  • Chapter 21—When Sorrow Comes
  • Chapter 22—Woman to Woman
  • Appendix A—At Simon's House
  • Appendix B—The Public Ministry of Ellen G. White
  • Appendix C—Exhibits Relating to the Ordination of Women
  • Appendix D—Use of the Tithe
  • Appendix E—James and Ellen White's Relationship
  • Letters (Written May 10, 12, 16, and 17, 1876)