• Foreword
  • Chapter 1—Jesus, Our Example
  • Chapter 2—Days of Ministry
  • Chapter 3—With Nature and With God
  • Chapter 4—The Touch of Faith
  • Chapter 5—Healing of the Soul
  • Chapter 6—Saved to Serve
  • Chapter 7—The Co-working of the Divine and the Human
  • Chapter 8—The Physician an Educator
  • Chapter 9—Teaching and Healing
  • Chapter 10—Helping the Tempted
  • Chapter 11—Working for the Intemperate
  • Chapter 12—Help for the Unemployed and the Homeless
  • Chapter 13—The Helpless Poor
  • Chapter 14—Ministry to the Rich
  • Chapter 15—In the Sickroom
  • Chapter 16—Prayer for the Sick
  • Chapter 17—The Use of Remedies
  • Chapter 18—Mind Cure
  • Chapter 19—In Contact With Nature
  • Chapter 20—General Hygiene
  • Chapter 21—Hygiene Among the Israelites
  • Chapter 22—Dress
  • Chapter 23—Diet and Health
  • Chapter 24—Flesh as Food
  • Chapter 25—Extremes in Diet
  • Chapter 26—Stimulants and Narcotics
  • Chapter 27—Evils of the Drug and Liquor Traffic
  • Chapter 28—Ministry of the Home
  • Chapter 29—Builders of the Home
  • Chapter 30—Choice and Preparation of the Home
  • Chapter 31—The Mother
  • Chapter 32—The Child
  • Chapter 33—Home Influences
  • Chapter 34—True Education a Missionary Training
  • Chapter 35—A True Knowledge of God
  • Chapter 36—Danger in Speculative Knowledge
  • Chapter 37—The False and the True in Education
  • Chapter 38—The Importance of Seeking True Knowledge
  • Chapter 39—The Knowledge Received Through God’s Word
  • Chapter 40—Help in Daily Living
  • Chapter 41—In Contact With Others
  • Chapter 42—Development and Service
  • Chapter 43—A Higher Experience