• Foreword
  • Chapter 1—Source and Aim of True Education
  • Chapter 2—The Eden School
  • Chapter 3—The Knowledge of Good and Evil
  • Chapter 4—Relation of Education to Redemption
  • Chapter 5—The Education of Israel
  • Chapter 6—The Schools of the Prophets
  • Chapter 7—Lives of Great Men
  • Chapter 8—The Teacher Sent From God
  • Chapter 9—An Illustration of His Methods
  • Chapter 10—God in Nature
  • Chapter 11—Lessons of Life
  • Chapter 12—Other Object Lessons
  • Chapter 13—Mental and Spiritual Culture
  • Chapter 14—Science and the Bible
  • Chapter 15—Business Principles and Methods
  • Chapter 16—Bible Biographies
  • Chapter 17—Poetry and Song
  • Chapter 18—Mysteries of the Bible
  • Chapter 19—History and Prophecy
  • Chapter 20—Bible Teaching and Study
  • Chapter 21—Study of Physiology
  • Chapter 22—Temperance and Dietetics
  • Chapter 23—Recreation
  • Chapter 24—Manual Training
  • Chapter 25—Education and Character
  • Chapter 26—Methods of Teaching
  • Chapter 27—Deportment
  • Chapter 28—Relation of Dress to Education
  • Chapter 29—The Sabbath
  • Chapter 30—Faith and Prayer
  • Chapter 31—The Lifework
  • Chapter 32—Preparation
  • Chapter 33—Co-operation
  • Chapter 34—Discipline
  • Chapter 35—The School of the Hereafter