• Foreword
  • Chapter 1—Ellen White Clarifies the Issues
  • Chapter 2—The Standard of True Sanctification
  • Chapter 3—Christ Our Righteousness
  • Chapter 4—Ellen White Clearly Draws the Lines
  • Chapter 5—Faith and Works
  • Chapter 6—A Warning Against Counterfeit Sanctification
  • Chapter 7—How to Tell if God is Leading
  • Chapter 8—God's Commandment-Keeping People
  • Chapter 9—The Quality of Our Faith
  • Chapter 10—E. G. White Report on Response to the Ottawa Sermon
  • Chapter 11—Obedience and Sanctification
  • Chapter 12—Appropriating the Righteousness of Christ
  • Chapter 13—Faith and Works- Hand in Hand
  • Chapter 14—The Experience of Righteousness by Faith Outlined
  • Chapter 15—This Is Justification by Faith
  • Chapter 16—Accepted in Christ
  • Chapter 17—Counsel to a Leading Minister on the Presentation of the Relation of Faith and Works
  • Chapter 18—Man May Be As Pure in His Sphere As God Is in His
  • Chapter 19—Opinions and Practices to Be Conformed to God's Word