• The Health Food Ministry
  • Section One—The Testimonies Volume Seven Materials
  • The Restaurant Work
  • Healthful Foods
  • Manufacture of Health Foods
  • Educate the People
  • Section Two—The Health Food Work
  • As a School Industry
  • Character of Workers
  • A Wide Field
  • God's Substitute for Unhealthful Foods
  • Human Confederacies
  • No Monopoly in the Health Food Work
  • A Part of God's Service
  • A Work of God's Appointment
  • Rational Reforms
  • A Question of Rights
  • Simple and Inexpensive Foods
  • Progressive Light
  • A Legitimate Conference Enterprise
  • Inexpensive Foods
  • Like the Manna
  • Not a Work for the Ministry
  • The Use of Nut Foods
  • The Health Food Manager
  • Connected with Sanitariums
  • Dangers in the Health Food Business
  • Providing Promising Contacts
  • Make the Health Food Work a Blessing
  • A Decided Warning
  • Workers Not to be Drawn from Other Lines
  • Educating by Demonstration
  • Words of Counsel Regarding the Health Food Work
  • A Reformation Needed
  • The Loma Linda Bakery
  • A Specious Offer
  • A Caution Against Heavy Investment in Food Manufacture
  • The Object of Health Food Work
  • Ultimate Aim of Health Food Work
  • Section Three—Miscellaneous Items
  • Foods From Local Products in Different Lands
  • Every Hygienic Restaurant to Be a School
  • Our Restaurants to Stand for Principle
  • Ultimate Aim of Health Food Work