• The Publishing Ministry
  • Section 1—Early History of the Publishing Work
  • Chapter 2—Established in Sacrifice
  • Chapter 3—The January 3, 1875, Vision and World Expansion
  • Chapter 4—God's Purpose in the Publishing Work
  • Section 2—Establishment and Operation of Publishing Houses
  • Chapter 6—High Spiritual Standards for God's Workmen
  • Chapter 7—Work Qualifications and Efficiency
  • Chapter 8—Training of Workers
  • Chapter 9—Quality Message Literature Needed
  • Chapter 10—Importance of Economy
  • Chapter 11—Relationship Between the Publishing House and the Church
  • Section 3—Perils Facing Publishing-House Leaders
  • Chapter 13—Evils Resulting from Centralization and Colonization
  • Chapter 14—Commercial Versus Denominational Printing
  • Chapter 15—Divine Rebuke for Ignoring Counsel
  • Chapter 16—Relocating and Rebuilding
  • Chapter 17—Establishing Publishing Houses in New Locations
  • Section 4—The Output of the Publishing House
  • Chapter 19—Book Sales and Illustrations
  • Chapter 20—Periodicals and their Circulation
  • Chapter 21—Writers and Royalties
  • Chapter 22—Wages for Publishing-House Workers
  • Section 5—Successful Field Publishing Leadership
  • Chapter 23—Elements of Good Leadership
  • Chapter 24—Teaching Literature Evangelism
  • Chapter 25—Recruiting Literature Evangelists
  • Chapter 26—God's Plan for Students and Youth
  • Chapter 27—Training Literature Evangelists to Sell
  • Chapter 28—Training Literature Evangelists to Win Souls
  • Chapter 29—Literature for a Finished Work
  • Section 6—Counsels for Marketing Church Literature
  • Chapter 30—ABC—Spiritual Blueprint
  • Chapter 31—Careful Management and Promotion
  • Chapter 32—Sales Promotion of Books
  • Chapter 33—Distribution of Tracts and Periodicals
  • Chapter 34—Circulating the Spirit of Prophecy Books
  • Chapter 35—Christ's Object Lessons and the Ministry of Healing
  • Chapter 36—Literature Outreach by Adventists
  • Chapter 37—Literature for Adventist Homes
  • Section 7—From Small Beginnings to a Glorious Triumph
  • Chapter 39—A Witness Unto All Nations
  • Chapter 40—An Unprecedented Harvest