• Letters to Young Lovers
  • I Love You
  • From the Bible
  • From the Writings of Ellen G. White
  • Section 1—Marriage—a Foretaste of Heaven
  • A Foretaste of Heaven
  • Make your Courtship Last Throughout your Marriage
  • “Except the Lord Build the House” Psalm 127:1
  • Marriage Is Like Christ's Love for His Chosen People
  • Married Life Gets Better and Better
  • Section 2—Finding the Right Mate
  • What a Young Man Should Look for in a Wife
  • Questions a Girl Should Ask Before Marriage
  • Section 3—Is It Really Love?
  • Is It True Love?
  • Love, A Tender Plant
  • The Power of Love
  • When Love is Blind
  • Section 4—Looking for Help?
  • Parents Can Be of Help
  • Don't Keep It a Secret
  • Section 5—In Control
  • Before You Say “I Do!”
  • Broken Engagements
  • Don't Be Squeezed into the World's Mold
  • Pornography and Your Mind
  • Section 6—Sexual Responsibility
  • Trifling with Hearts
  • Section 7—Shadow Over the Nest
  • Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed?
  • Will You Gamble with Your Marriage?