• Ellen White: Woman of Vision
  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • About The Author
  • Chapter 1—The Time Was Right
  • Chapter 2—Called to Be a Messenger
  • Chapter 3—Step By Step
  • Chapter 4—Expanding By Publishing
  • Chapter 5—Financial Support For The Cause Of God
  • Chapter 6—Seventh-day Adventists In Time Of War
  • Chapter 7—Learning A New Lifestyle
  • Chapter 8—James: Learning The Hard Way
  • Chapter 9—The New Health Institute
  • Chapter 10—First Annual Camp Meetings
  • Chapter 11—California—Here We Come
  • Chapter 12—Encouraging Prospects
  • Chapter 13—Time Of Mellowing
  • Chapter 14—Healdsburg College Opens And Battle Creek College Closes
  • Chapter 15—Ellen White Ventures Abroad
  • Chapter 16—The General Conference Session Of 1888
  • Chapter 17—Advances In Book Publication
  • Chapter 18—The Call To Australia
  • Chapter 19—Onto New Zealand
  • Chapter 20—The Avondale School
  • Chapter 21—Sunnyside—Ellen White's Farm
  • Chapter 22—The Medical Missionary Work
  • Chapter 23—Writing “The Desire Of Ages”
  • Chapter 24—The Work In Australia Comes Of Age
  • Chapter 25—Elmshaven, A Haven For Ellen White
  • Chapter 26—The General Conference Session of 1901: Time for Change!
  • Chapter 27—The Battle Creek Sanitarium Fire
  • Chapter 28—Elmshaven: Not A Rest Home
  • Chapter 29—The Review And Herald Fire
  • Chapter 30—The 1903 General Conference Session
  • Chapter 31—John Harvey Kellogg and “The Living Temple”
  • Chapter 32—The Round-Trip To Washington
  • Chapter 33—“I Was Shown“: Beautiful Properties!
  • Chapter 34—A Momentous Year: Ballenger, Jones, Kellogg
  • Chapter 35—Ellen White's Special Gift
  • Chapter 36—The General Conference Session Of 1909
  • Chapter 37—Loma Linda: More Than A Sanitarium
  • Chapter 38—The 1911 Edition of the Great Controversy Not a Revision
  • Chapter 39—Winding Down With Courage and Cheer
  • Appendix