• Ellen G. White: Volume 6—The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915
  • Chapter 1—Loma Linda, “Hill Beautiful”
  • Chapter 2—Meeting the Payments on Loma Linda
  • Chapter 3—Meeting Crises in Colorado
  • Chapter 4—Independence or Unity?
  • Chapter 5—1905 Closes With Battle Creek Issues
  • Chapter 6—The Year of the Earthquake
  • Chapter 7—Ellen White Comes to Her Own Defense
  • Chapter 8—On the Evangelistic Trail
  • Chapter 9—1907—At Home and in the Field
  • Chapter 10—Continuing in a Varied Ministry
  • Chapter 11—Bearer of Messages of Encouragement and Reproof
  • Chapter 12—When the Test Comes
  • Chapter 13—Through the Year 1908
  • Chapter 14—Finding a Site for Pacific Union College
  • Chapter 15—Attending the General Conference of 1909
  • Chapter 16—The General Conference Address on Health Reform
  • Chapter 17—The Long Trip Home
  • Chapter 18—America's Cities—The Great Unworked Field
  • Chapter 19—The Threat of Distracting Doctrinal Controversy
  • Chapter 20—Writing, Publishing, and Speaking
  • Chapter 21—Will Seventh-day Adventists Train Physicians?
  • Chapter 22—At 82—A Very Busy Year
  • Chapter 23—The 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy
  • Chapter 24—Inspiration and the 1911 Edition of The Great Controversy
  • Chapter 25—1911—A Year of Concentrated Book Preparation
  • Chapter 26—The Other Side of 1911
  • Chapter 27—Winding Down a Busy Life Program
  • Chapter 28—1913—Concerted Drive on Book Production
  • Chapter 29—Interludes in the Drive on Book Production
  • Chapter 30—1914—Ellen White's Eighty-seventh Year
  • Chapter 31—The Last Mile
  • Chapter 32—The Messenger of the Lord at Rest
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B