• Ellen G. White: Volume 6—The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915
  • Chapter 1—Loma Linda, “Hill Beautiful”
  • Dedication of Loma Linda Sanitarium
  • The Boulder, Colorado, Sanitarium
  • Meeting the Appeal for Guiding Counsel
  • Ellen White Announces Her Positive Stand
  • Confirming Evidence to the Lord's Messenger
  • Circumstances at Elmshaven
  • The Oakland Camp Meeting (July 19-29)
  • Problems in Organizational Relationships
  • The St. Helena Camp Meeting
  • Dedication of the Hospital
  • The Receiving and the Acceptance of Personal Testimonies
  • Healdsburg College
  • The Basis for Final Decisions
  • The 1909 General Conference Session
  • Should There Be an Anti-Meat Pledge?
  • In Old Portland, Maine, Again
  • S. N. Haskell and the 1843 Chart
  • Imparting Helpful Information
  • A Medical School Early Envisioned by Ellen White
  • The Los Angeles Meeting In Simpson Auditorium
  • Considerations Initiated by Plans for a New Edition
  • Paraphrased and Quoted Materials in The Great Controversy
  • Depth of Ellen White Participation in Book Preparation
  • Ellen G. White and Her Sons
  • At Work Through 1912
  • The Manuscript for Counsels to Parents and Teachers
  • The Response
  • A Slight Stroke in Early Summer
  • The Accident and Its Aftermath
  • The Funeral Services
  • The Ellen G. White Will