• Ellen G. White: Volume 1—The Early Years: 1827-1862
  • The Author's Aims and Objectives
  • Chapter 1—(1827-1836) The Messenger of the Lord in Our Midst
  • Here the Story Begins
  • Schooling Cut Off
  • The Question of the Immortality of the Soul
  • Ellen's Confrontation
  • The Otis Nichols Letter of April 20, 1846
  • Enabled to Write
  • The Wedding
  • James White on the Prophetic Gift
  • The Volney Conference
  • Troubles in Europe and Their Supposed Significance
  • Writing for the Press
  • Satan's Vicious Attacks
  • The Rescue of S. W. Rhodes
  • Concerted Plan to Publish the Visions
  • Status of Publishing the Review
  • Ellen G. White Looks Back
  • Strict Economy Maintained
  • The Vital Need for Church Organization
  • Tested by a Physician While in Vision
  • The Eleven-Week Tour Through New England
  • The Whites and the White Home
  • The Use of Tobacco
  • The Vision at Hillsdale, Michigan
  • Meetings in Ohio
  • The Support of the Ministers
  • The January Trip to Wright, Michigan
  • The Lure of the West
  • Adopting a Denominational Name
  • A Soul-Stirring Vision
  • The Conference Address on Organizing Churches
  • Vision at Parkville, Michigan
  • First Annual Session of the Michigan State Conference
  • [A Geneological Chart of Ellen Gould Harmon White]
  • The Experience of William Ellis Foy
  • Stephen Smith and the Unopened Testimony