• Ellen G. White: Volume 1—The Early Years: 1827-1862
  • A Statement the Author Would Like to Have You Read
  • Abbreviations
  • Chapter 1—(1827-1836) The Messenger of the Lord in Our Midst
  • Chapter 2—(1836-1843) Abrupt Changes in Ellen's Life
  • Chapter 3—(1844) 1844—The Year of Expectation and Disappointments
  • Chapter 4—(1844-1845) Make It Known to Others
  • Chapter 5—(1845) The Messenger of the Lord at Work
  • Chapter 6—(1845-1846) Sustained in a Continued Ministry
  • Chapter 7—(1846-1847) Entering Married Life
  • James White on the Prophetic Gift
  • The Volney Conference
  • Troubles in Europe and Their Supposed Significance
  • Writing for the Press
  • Satan's Vicious Attacks
  • A Demonstration of Tongues that Misled
  • Ellen White's First Book
  • The Midwinter Tour in Western New York
  • Status of Publishing the Review
  • Positive Denial of the False Charge
  • Working in the Opening West
  • The Vital Need for Church Organization
  • Problems that Loomed Large
  • The Eleven-Week Tour Through New England
  • The Whites and the White Home
  • The Use of Tobacco
  • Visiting the Churches in Eastern Michigan
  • The Great Controversy Vision
  • The Support of the Ministers
  • The Battle Creek Home
  • The Tour in the West
  • “Seventh-day Adventists” The Name Chosen
  • General Counsel for the Church
  • The Eight-Week Eastern Tour
  • The Inroads of Prevailing Fashion
  • Organization of the General Conference