• Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887
  • Chapter 1—Chronology
  • Chapter 2—A Historical Prologue
  • Chapter 3—Bound for Europe
  • The World Concept of Missions
  • The First Missionary an Englishman
  • “I Have Seen This Place Before”
  • Mrs. White Attends Swiss Conference
  • Reports from the Missions
  • The Sickness of Edith Andrews
  • Across Germany by Rail
  • The Historical Climate of Stockholm
  • Meetings in the Good Templars Hall
  • A Dangerous Crossing
  • Bernard Kaloria, the “Converted” Jew
  • Faith and Sacrifice of the Believers
  • Milan and the Great Cathedral
  • The World Before the Flood
  • Tour of the Swiss Churches
  • A School for Workers
  • A Symbol of Sister White's Work
  • Mrs. White's Oral Presentations
  • The Workers’ Meetings Begin
  • The Light of the Advent Message
  • The Need for Bible Study
  • Need of All Missionaries
  • Another Visit to Tramelan
  • The Vohwinkel Vision
  • Conradi's Rise to Leadership
  • Visible Improvements in Copenhagen Church
  • Ellen White and Prison Work
  • The Embarkation from Liverpool