• Ellen G. White in Europe 1885-1887
  • Chapter 1—Chronology
  • Chapter 2—A Historical Prologue
  • Chapter 3—Bound for Europe
  • Chapter 4—Expanding Mission Perspective
  • Chapter 5—The Reception in England
  • Chapter 6—Headquarters in Basel
  • Chapter 7—The Swiss Conference of 1885
  • Chapter 8—The Third European Missionary Council
  • Chapter 9—Among The Youth In Basel
  • Chapter 10—The Visit to Denmark
  • Chapter 11—Visiting Churches in Sweden
  • Chapter 12—Norwegian Adventists Welcome Mrs. White
  • Chapter 13—Scandinavia to Switzerland
  • Chapter 14—The First Visit to Italy
  • Chapter 15—At Home in Switzerland for the Winter
  • Chapter 16—The Second Visit to Italy
  • Chapter 17—The Magnificence of the Alps
  • Chapter 18—Among the Swiss Believers
  • Chapter 19—a Second Round of Meetings in Scandinavia
  • Chapter 20—Turmoil and Peace
  • Chapter 21—Work and Recreation in Switzerland
  • Chapter 22—The Fourth European Council
  • Chapter 23—Will France Receive The Light?
  • Chapter 24—a Bible-Centered Ministry
  • Chapter 25—Christmas Day at Tramelan
  • Chapter 26—Literary Work
  • Chapter 27—The Final Months in Switzerland
  • Chapter 28—Germany and the Vohwinkel Vision
  • Chapter 29—Lewis R. Conradi
  • Chapter 30—First Adventist Camp Meeting In Europe
  • Chapter 31—Last Stop on the Journey
  • Chapter 32—Homeward Bound