• Ellen G. White: Volume 3—The Lonely Years: 1876-1891
  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1—(1876) A Whirl of Activity
  • Early Beginnings on the Life of Christ
  • Effective Use of the Public Press
  • The Work for the Winter
  • Ellen White and the Sanitarium
  • Among the Churches in Northern California
  • The Oregon Camp Meeting
  • The Plano Camp Meeting
  • Camping in Indian Territory
  • The Solemn Vision of the Judgment
  • Meeting the Needs of California
  • Potentially Difficult Times
  • Concern for Edson
  • James White's Funeral
  • So Alone in the Mountains
  • A New President for Battle Creek College
  • New Year's Day, 1883
  • The Beginning of a Turnaround in Battle Creek
  • The Michigan Camp Meeting and the Uriah Smith Turnaround
  • A Visit to the Health Retreat at St. Helena
  • Visit to Multnomah Falls
  • A Time of Spiritual Triumph
  • The Assurance Finally Came
  • A Bible Institute Proposed
  • Visit to Sweden
  • The Visit to Italy
  • The Conference Session
  • Writing Letters and Preparing Book Manuscript
  • The General Conference Session of 1887
  • The Matter of “The Law in Galatians”
  • The Law in Galatians at Last Introduced
  • Michigan State Meeting at Potterville
  • Attention Turned to the Great Controversy
  • Opening the Way for the Enemy to Control
  • On to Virginia
  • References to the Salamanca Vision