• Ellen G. White: Volume 5—The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905
  • Chapter 1—Voyage on the Moana
  • Chapter 2—Elmshaven
  • Chapter 3—Face to Face With the Issues
  • Chapter 4—Through the South to the 1901 General Conference
  • Chapter 5—The General Conference of 1901
  • Chapter 6—The Church Responds
  • Chapter 7—The Last Ten Days
  • Chapter 8—The Extended Journey Home
  • Chapter 9—In the Din of the Battle
  • Ellen White Agonizes to Know God's Will
  • Plans to Rebuild
  • Problems in the South
  • Testimonies for the Church, Volume 7
  • Crisis in the South
  • Concern Over the Battle Creek Sanitarium Debt
  • The Word Reaches Ellen White
  • Concerns of Ellen White
  • Messages at the Devotional Meetings
  • Concern for Developments at Battle Creek
  • Seeking a Suitable Location
  • Dr. Kellogg Introduces Pantheistic Teachings
  • The 1903 Autumn Council
  • Developments in Takoma Park
  • Arrival in Washington
  • Mrs. White Begins Her Work at the Session
  • The Trip North on the Cumberland River
  • Starting Home
  • The Paradise Valley Property
  • Ellen White's Visit
  • Dealing with an Infatuated Doctor and His Nurse
  • The 1905 Session Opens
  • Call to Labor in Washington, D.C.
  • Truths Received Under the Demonstration of the Holy Spirit