• Ellen G. White: Volume 5—The Early Elmshaven Years: 1900-1905
  • Chapter 1—Voyage on the Moana
  • Chapter 2—Elmshaven
  • Chapter 3—Face to Face With the Issues
  • Chapter 4—Through the South to the 1901 General Conference
  • Chapter 5—The General Conference of 1901
  • Chapter 6—The Church Responds
  • Chapter 7—The Last Ten Days
  • Chapter 8—The Extended Journey Home
  • Chapter 9—In the Din of the Battle
  • Chapter 10—The Precarious Winter Trip to New York
  • Chapter 11—The Battle Creek Sanitarium Fire
  • Chapter 12—A Perplexing and Difficult Year
  • Chapter 13—Getting On With the Book Work
  • Chapter 14—God Reproves His Messenger
  • Chapter 15—The Crisis Over Financial Policies
  • Chapter 16—The Review and Herald Fire
  • Chapter 17—Preparing for the 1903 General Conference
  • Chapter 18—The 1903 General Conference Session
  • Chapter 19—In Agony of Soul
  • Chapter 20—The Move to Washington, D.C.
  • Chapter 21—The Threat of Pantheism
  • Chapter 22—“Meet It!”
  • Chapter 23—The Fall and Winter Work at Elmshaven
  • Chapter 24—The Extended Visit to Washington
  • Chapter 25—The Crucial Meeting at Berrien Springs
  • Chapter 26—A Trip Into the South
  • Chapter 27—Another Month in Washington, and the Trip Home
  • Chapter 28—Sanitariums in Southern California
  • Chapter 29—Glendale, a Sanitarium Near Los Angeles
  • Chapter 30—With the Lord's Messenger in Early 1905
  • Chapter 31—The General Conference of 1905
  • Chapter 32—Last Days of the 1905 General Conference
  • Appendix—Solemn Warnings Repeated