• Preface to the First Edition
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • Section 1—Healing Power and Its Source
  • Section 2—The Divine Plan in the Medical Missionary Work
  • Section 3—The Christian Physician and His Work
  • Section 4—Our Medical College
  • Section 5—Warning Against Spiritistic Sophistry
  • Section 6—True and False Systems of Mind Cure
  • Section 7—Fees and Wages
  • Section 8—Counsels and Cautions
  • Section 9—The Management of Sanitariums
  • Section 10—Opportunities for Ministry In Hospitals and Sanitariums
  • Section 11—The Sanitarium Family
  • Section 12—The Prevention of Disease and Its Cure by Rational Methods
  • Section 13—Medical Missionary Work and the Gospel Ministry
  • Section 14—Teaching Health Principles
  • Section 15—Diet and Health
  • Section 16—The Worker's Health
  • Section 17—Medical Missionary Work in the Great Cities
  • Section 18—Extent of the Work