• Foreword
  • Chapter 1—Its Importance
  • Chapter 2—The Christian and Psychology
  • Chapter 3—Dangers in Psychology
  • Chapter 4—Spiritual Influences and the Mind
  • Chapter 5—The Fanatical Mind
  • Chapter 6—A Healthy Normality
  • Chapter 7—Disease That Begins in the Mind
  • Chapter 8—Religion and the Mind
  • Chapter 9—Mind, the Citadel
  • Chapter 10—Understanding
  • Chapter 11—Bible Study and the Mind
  • Chapter 12—Diligence
  • Chapter 13—Food for the Mind
  • Chapter 14—Exercise
  • Chapter 15—Emotional Factors
  • Chapter 16—Prenatal Influences
  • Chapter 17—Heredity and Environment
  • Chapter 18—Security in the Home
  • Chapter 19—Parental Influences
  • Chapter 20—The Home Atmosphere
  • Chapter 21—Christ Deals With Minds
  • Chapter 22—The School and the Teacher
  • Chapter 23—Love—A Divine, Eternal Principle
  • Chapter 24—Love in the Home
  • Chapter 25—Love and Sexuality in the Human Experience
  • Chapter 26—Brotherly Love
  • Chapter 27—God's Love
  • Chapter 28—Self-respect
  • Chapter 29—Dependence and Independence
  • Chapter 30—Selfishness and Self-centeredness
  • Chapter 31—Problems of Youth
  • Chapter 32—Infatuation and Blind Love
  • Chapter 33—Dangers Facing Youth
  • Chapter 34—Conscience
  • Chapter 35—The Influence of Perception
  • Chapter 36—Principles of Motivation
  • Chapter 37—Principles of Study and Learning
  • Chapter 38—Balance in Education