• The Colporteur Evangelist
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1—Importance of the Work
  • Chapter 2—Qualifications of the Canvasser
  • Chapter 3—The Canvasser A Gospel Worker
  • Chapter 4—Revival of the Work
  • Chapter 5—Influence of Our Publications
  • Chapter 6—A Call for Canvassers 1*Published in leaflet and widely circulated. [Also published in The Review and Herald; June 2, 1903.]
  • Chapter 7—A Call for Recruits 2*Published in leaflet entitled, “Open Letter.” [Also published in The Review and Herald, January 20 and 27, 1903.]
  • Chapter 8—Needs of the Canvassing Work
  • Chapter 9—The Canvasser and Bible Work
  • Chapter 10—Finance
  • Chapter 11—The Power of the Truth to Convict and Convert Souls
  • Chapter 12—Unity of Effort
  • Chapter 13—Frivolous and Exciting Literature
  • Chapter 14—Prices of Our Publications
  • Chapter 15—Our Books to Be Sold and Read
  • Chapter 16—Fragments