• S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 7A
  • I. Deity and Nature of Christ
  • II. Eternal Pre-existence of Christ
  • III. Three Persons in the Godhead
  • Appendix B—Christ's Nature During the Incarnation
  • I. The Mystery of the Incarnation
  • II. Miraculous Union of Human and Divine
  • III. Took Sinless Human Nature
  • IV. Assumed Liabilities of Human Nature
  • V. Tempted on All Points
  • VI. Bore the Imputed Sin and Guilt of the World
  • VII. Perfect Sinlessness of Christ's Human Nature
  • VIII. Christ Retains Human Nature Forever
  • Appendix C—The Atonement
  • II. Complete Sacrificial Atonement Made on Cross
  • III. Incarnation Prerequisite to Atoning Sacrifice
  • IV. Spotless Christ Was Perfect Offering
  • V. Guilt and Punishment Transferred to Substitute
  • VI. Christ Both Sacrificial Offering and Officiating Priest
  • VII. The Cross Central in the Atonement
  • VIII. Atoning Provisions Embrace All Mankind
  • IX. Manifold Results of the Atonement
  • X. Righteousness Provided Through Atonement
  • XI. Redemptive Price Completely Paid on Calvary
  • XII. Justice and Mercy Blend at Cross
  • XIII. Atonement Vindicates God's Changeless Law
  • XIV. Atonement Result of Divine Love
  • XV. Atoning Provision Greater Than Man's Need
  • XVI. Typical Sacrifices Prefigure Lamb of God
  • XVII. The Cross Gave Death Stroke to Satan
  • XVIII. Atonement Never to Be Repeated
  • Part II—High-Priestly Application of Atoning Sacrifice
  • II. Ministry Applies and Completes Transaction of Cross
  • III. Christ Ministering in Heavenly Sanctuary
  • IV. Second Phase of Priesthood Embraces Judgment
  • V. Perpetual Intercession
  • VI. Christ Both Mediator and Judge
  • VII. Wondrous Results of Christ's Priestly Mediation
  • VIII. Christ Is Our Friend at Court
  • IX. Became Man That He Might Become Mediator
  • X. Heavenly Advocate Retains Human Nature Forever