In Defence of the Faith


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Introduction 9                
                                I. What Did Mr. Canright Renounce? 12                
                                II. The Law of God 35                
                                III. Objections Raised to the Moral Law 47                
                                IV. The Two Laws 69                
                                V. When and to Whom Was the Sabbath Given? 80                
                                VI. Has the Sabbath Been Lost? 91                
                                VII. The Nature of the Sabbath Commandment 110                
                                VIII. The Sabbath of the New Testament 122                
                                IX. Who Changed the Sabbath? 158                
                                X. The Sabbath on a Round World 199                
                                XI. Doing or Believing 212                
                                XII. The Two Covenants 226                
                                XIII. The Nature of Man 238                
                                XIV. The Cleansing of the Sanctuary and the Day of Atonement 268                
                                XV. Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists? 306                
                                XVI. The Work of Mrs. E. G. White 327                
                                XVII. Mr. Canright's Remarkable Admission 368                
                                XVIII. Let in the Light 387                

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