God Gives Us Courage

The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe. Proverbs 29:25.

The Lord desires you to be of good courage. Brace up.... Satan is working on every hand to destroy faith, and to make people unhappy.8Letter 29, 1904.

If you are not experienced in discerning the devices of Satan, your only safety is in prayer. Lay open all the secrets of the heart to the search of the infinite eye, and plead with God to make you pure and strong, and to arm you completely for the great conflicts of life. Faith grows by conflicts with doubts; virtue gathers strength by the resistance of temptation.9The Youth's Instructor, April 1, 1873.

All blessings are bestowed upon those who have a vital connection with Jesus Christ. Jesus calls us to Himself not simply to refresh us with His grace and presence for a few hours, and then to send us forth from His light to walk apart from Him in sadness and gloom. No, no. He tells us that we must abide with Him and He with us. Wherever His work is to be done, He is present, tender, loving, and compassionate. He has prepared for you and me an abiding dwelling place in Himself. He is our refuge. Our experience should broaden and deepen. Jesus has opened up all the divine fullness of His inexpressible love.... Talk courage, talk faith, talk hope. My brother and sister in the Lord, be of good courage. O, how little we know what is before us! We will give ourselves entirely to Jesus, to be wholly His, and then say, “Not my will, but thy will, O God, be done.” ... You have the tender love and compassion of your Saviour. Look to Him always. Trust in Him continually, and doubt not His love. He knows all our weakness and that which we need. He will give us grace sufficient for our day. Only look to Jesus continually, and be of good courage.10Letter 1a, 1894.

In genuine faith there is a buoyancy, a steadfast principle, which neither time nor toil can weaken.11The Youth's Instructor, April 21, 1898.

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