16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem Error

Issue 1: After August 7, 2004, a few users have notified the White Estate of their inability to execute installation of The Ellen G. White Writings, v3.0 CD-ROM. When trying to run the setup.exe file from their EGW CD-ROM, a 16-bit MS-DOS subsystem error occurs. This "bug" mainly affects users with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, and Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. Aditionally, the greatest number of affected users seem to be those with newly purchased computer systems after the aforementioned date. Also of note, it mostly affects systems where the manufacturer has pre-loaded a customized Windows XP install.

If you are experiencing the same problem when trying to install any of the following Ellen G. White Writings v.3.0 products: Standard Library Edition; The Complete Published Edition; Legacy of Light Standard Edition; or Legacy of Light Research Edition, please read on for a quick and easy solution.

When trying to run setup.exe from your EGW CD-ROM drive and it fails to execute. Instead, a pop-up dialogue box labeled: "16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem" appears with the following message:

"The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application."

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy "fix" to this problem. A self-install executable has been created to patch your missing or corrupted MS-DOS Subsystem files, thus allowing you to install The Ellen G. White Writings v3.0 CD-ROM onto your computer after a system restart.

The average user need not worry how the patch works. But if you are interested, please visit the following link for a detailed Microsoft knowledge base article outlining the cause and remedy of this problem: http://support.microsoft.com. Optionally, for registered users you can call the toll-free support number, 1 800 WHT-DISC (1 800 948-3472), for "talk-thru" help in making these changes.

To download the 1KB executable file for your particular Windows operating system, click on the applicable O.S. link below. Choose either to Run or Save the file. Running the correct O.S. file will automatically make the necessary modifications for you. (For XP SP2 users, choose Run when you see the Internet Security warning for "unknown publisher" as you can trust the White Estate.)

Note: Some Internet providers will only allow you to save an executable to your computer hard drive. If so, be sure to save the file to a directory or location convenient for you to find it again. After downloading, "run" the file either by double-clicking on it or by entering its name and path in the "Run" dialog box, accessible from the Start menu.

Click here for the Windows 2000 patch file. (Win2000.exe)

Click here for the Windows XP patch file. (WinXP.exe)

After the quick install process is complete, first make sure you restart your computer to implement the patch, before trying to install The Ellen G. White Writings v3.0 CD-ROM onto your computer.