Using the Ellen G. White CD-ROM, with copyright dates on the CD 1998 and 1999, and only with Windows ME and XP operating system installed.

Issue 2: The Ellen G. White CD-ROM uses Folio Views software and database structure. These were developed well before the release of Microsoft's two most recent operating systems--Windows ME (Millennium Edition) and Windows XP. The Folio Views software for searching the Ellen G. White Writings has a small but correctable conflict with both Windows ME and XP. This "bug" causes a very slow start-up of the program under Windows ME. Under Windows XP the EGW Folio program will fail to start up the first time. (However, if you can abort the first startup, it will start fine every time thereafter until you reboot.)

Fortunately, there is a quick, easy, one-time "fix" for this problem that speeds up and completely normalizes the Folio Views startup of the Ellen G. White Writings. This "fix" is simply to add the "ReadOnly" file attribute to the two largest EGW databases (egw-comp.nfo and egwindex.nfo) after they've been copied to your hard drive from an otherwise normal installation of the software from the EGW CDs. (Since CDs are inherently ReadOnly, if you specify Library files NOT be copied to your HD during setup, they'll access normally from your CD.)

The average user, unfamiliar with this procedure, can follow the simple steps outlined below to make the necessary changes. Optionally, registered users can call the toll-free support number, 1 800 WHT-DISC (1 800 948-3472), for "talk-thru" help in making these changes OR you can download a small .vbs file which can do the modifications automatically.

Click here for the Windows ME script file (meupdate.vbs).

Click here for the Windows XP script file (xpupdate.vbs).

Be sure to save the file to a directory or location convenient for you to find it again. After downloading, "run" the file either by double-clicking on it or by entering its name and path in the "Run" dialog box, accessible from the Start menu.

The File Attribute MUST be changed to normalize EGW CD startup performance under Windows ME & XP. If you prefer to make the changes manually, here are the instructions for doing so:

> Click your mouse on START. Choose SEARCH (or FIND).

> Choose FILES or FOLDERS. Type *.NFO (the * will cause it to find all the data files ending with .nfo).

> A list of 'found' .nfo files will be displayed, including <egw-comp.nfo> and <egwindex.nfo>. (With Standard Library Edition look for <egw-std.nfo> instead of <egw-comp.nfo>.)

>Position your cursor on <egw-comp.nfo> [or <egw-std.nfo>] and click with your RIGHT mouse button. A small menu box will appear.

>Click on 'Properties.' A new 'Properties' window will open.

>At the bottom, check-mark the 'Read Only' attribute box. (This adds the necessary "ReadOnly" attribute to this file.)

>Click on "Apply" and "OK."

>Repeat this process for <egwindex.nfo>.

>Finally, close all open boxes or windows.

After doing this, you will immediately be able to start up and run Folio Views with normal access to The Ellen G. White Writings.