Study Guide: Evangelism

By: Ellen G. White

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What is this study guide? It is a series of twenty simple, thought-provoking question-and-answer-type lessons prepared by the Spirit of Prophecy and Ministerial departments of the South American Division under the authorization of the trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate, for the purpose of assisting the reader in the study of the book Evangelism.

There is a lesson for each of the twenty chapters in the book. Each lesson is divided into three sections: (A) the reading assignment in the book Evangelism; (B) a little quiz to check your comprehension; (C) Personal thought questions for meditation.

PLEASE NOTE: The book Evangelism, as is explained in its preface, is designed principally to offer guidance to pastors and Bible instructors. However, this does not mean that it does not contain valuable instruction for the church members in general. For this reason, in this study guide we have tried to direct attention to the counsels that are applicable to lay members as well as to evangelical workers.

As Chapter 19, "The Worker and His Qualifications," is specifically directed to pastors, evangelistic workers, and Bible instructors, we have selected only a few thoughts from this chapter to share with lay members. However, the remainder of the book has a wealth of valuable material which we heartily recommend to the reader for thoughtful study and consideration.

We are thoroughly convinced that as our members diligently and prayerfully study Evangelism, with the help of this study guide, they will not only be strengthened in their conviction that "now is the time" to accomplish the gospel commission of the church, but each one, individually, will also be aroused, as a member of the body of Christ, to take a more determined and decided action in doing his part in finishing this urgent task.


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Silver Spring, MD.



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 15-24 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer.

1. "The gospel is to be presented, not as a lifeless theory, but as a _____________________ to change the life." (16:1)

2. "The weighty obligation of warning a world of its _____________________ is upon us." (16:3)

3. "There is a special power in the presentation of the truth at the present time; but how long will it continue? -- Only a little while. If there was ever a crisis, it is _____________________." (16:5)

4. As a people, why do we have to plead for forgiveness? (17:3) _____________________

5. "If ever, __________________________________________ had done the work laid upon him, the number of believers would now be much larger than it is." (17:3)

6. "The words of Jesus Christ are spoken to _____________________ living down here in the close of this earth's history." (18:1)

7. Why must God's people spread over all the world? (18:2)

a. _______________________________________________________________

b. _______________________________________________________________

8. "The Lord designs that the presentation of this message shall be the ___________________ _____________________ work carried on in the world at this time." (18:3)

9. "Truth, passing by those who despise and reject it, __________________________________________." (20:1)

10. Which are the best places to work? (21:1)


11. What is one reason why the cities of today are so impenitent? (21:2)


12. If they will give themselves to Him, whom will God make His chosen messengers? (24:2)


C. For meditation.

1. Realizing that we are now in the closing scenes of this world's history, am I faithfully and unreservedly doing my part? (16:2)

2. Who will carry the light to those who are walking in darkness and error? Could it be that I am the one?

3. What can I do so that where now there is only one, there soon might be one hundred faithful and zealous workers for God?




Date _____________________

A. Read pages 25-44 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer.

1. "Men will soon be forced to great decisions, and they must have opportunity to hear and to understand _____________________, in order that they may take their stand intelligently on the right side." (25:3)

2. What is Satan's design in leading men to be occupied with pleasure-seeking? (26:1)


3. Who have been cruelly neglected? (29:2)


4. "At the present time there is not a _____________________ part being done in working the cities, that should be done. . . ." (29:3)

5. "Often we have been told that our cities are to hear the message, but _____________________ we are to heed the instruction." (32:4)

6. "'A world (is) perishing in ignorance of God's holy law, and Seventh-day Adventists are _____________________.'" (32:4)

7. Why is it so urgent to be working in the large cities now? (33:1)


8. Give an example of how to take advantage of missionary opportunities. What should be widely distributed? (36:1)


9. "Our determined efforts to bring souls to a knowledge of the truth for this time will be seconded by __________________________________________, and many souls will be saved. The Lord never _____________________ His faithful messengers." (38:1)

10. Describe the impressive scene Sister White witnessed. (43:1-3)


C. For meditation..

1. Seeing that the world is acting "as though there were no God," what am I doing to keep it from perishing? (26:2)

2. Am I so entangled in the affairs of this world that I have lost my vision of eternal things?

3. Realizing that soon it will be difficult to go from place to place to spread the Word of Truth, what am I doing now?

4. "The work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity, she will have to do in a terrible crisis, under most discouraging, forbidding circumstances." (31:4)

5. Am I aware of the fact that there are heathen in my neighborhood, just as surely as they exist in foreign lands? What am I doing for them?




A. Read pages 45-52 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer.

1. Besides the cities, what other places should be included in our labors? (45:1, 2)


2. Why is it that the people in the rural areas can be more easily reached? (46:4)


3. "The light is given me that we must not have special anxiety to _____________________ too many interests into one locality, but should look for places in out-of-the-way districts and work in _____________________." (47:1)

4. Whom will the Lord call to finish the work? (48:1)


5. "It may be that among our people there are those who will consent to use _____________________ for the opening of missionary fields. To such I would say, For the Master's sake, do what you can to _____________________." (51:2)

6. What activities absorb the time, the interests, and the capabilities of the church members? (51:3)


C. For meditation.

1. What do you think of the challenge made on page 50, paragraph 1, relative to the work that can be done in neglected fields by married couples who are consecrated to God?

2. Do you think that your health would be better if you were to work outside the large cities along missionary lines? (51:4)

3. Could it be that I am one of those missionaries that God needs as a witness in the towns and villages?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 53-92 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer.

1. When is it essential that we understand and follow the example of Christ? (53:1)


2. "It was the _____________________ and _____________________ with which Christ labored and spoke that drew so many to Him." (53:2)

3. "He (Christ) spoke to them in language so _____________________ that they could not fail of understanding." (54:3)

4. "In every _____________________, however fallen, He beheld a son of God, one who might be restored to the privilege of His divine relationship." (55:3)

5. What is the only means by which hearts can be softened and led to obedience? (57:3)


6. "The work of Christ was largely composed of _____________________. He had a faithful regard for the one-soul audience; and that one soul _____________________ to thousands the intelligence received." (58:1)

7. What guidance and assurance does God give us regarding the entering of new places? (61:2)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

c. _____________________ d. _____________________

8. What are we told regarding securing the means for advancing the work? (61:4-62:0)


9. What should be our attitude regarding the results? (64:3)


10. What assurance is given us regarding who is directly in control of the Gospel work? (65:1)


11. "Not all in the world are lawless and sinful. God has __________________________________________ who have not bowed the knee to Baal. There are God-fearing men and women in the _____________________." (66:3)

12. "We must individually know for ourselves what is truth, and be _____________________ to give a reason of the hope that we have with meekness and fear, not in a proud, _____________________, _____________________, but with the spirit of Christ. We are nearing the time when we shall stand _____________________ to answer for our belief." (69:2)

13. How did the Lord send forth the twelve disciples to labor, and why? (72:2)


14. Why did He pair up individuals with different temperaments? (72:3-73:0)


15. What type of meeting halls should be used in the large cities, and why? (75:2, 3)


16. "It is God's design that our people should locate _____________________ the cities, and from these outposts warn the cities, and raise in them _____________________ for God." (76:4)

17. "We must not plan for large beginnings while we have so little power to _____________________ that which is already begun." (81:2)

18. What question does the Spirit of Prophecy raise regarding the social classes with which to work? (87:3)


19. "Those who work in the large cities are to reach if possible to the _____________________ of the _____________________, even to _____________________." (88:1)

20. Regarding the economic resources of those with means, what promise are we given? (89:1)


C. For meditation.

1. Am I following Christ's methods as I share this message of salvation with humanity?

2. What am I doing to strengthen and encourage new believers?

3. If God is bestowing upon me more means than is necessary to modestly care for my family, am I giving generously for the advancement of the Gospel?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 93-118 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer.

1. "Success can only attend _____________________ and _____________________ action." (93:2)

2. "_____________________ is wanted, _____________________ to devise and plan and work harmoniously." (95:3)

3. What fourfold message is given to guide us in entering cities which have not yet had the light of the gospel message? (96:2)

a. _______________________________________________________________

b. _______________________________________________________________

c. _______________________________________________________________

d. _______________________________________________________________

4. "The very best _____________________ is not the one who does the most work himself, but one who will obtain the greatest amount of labor from _____________________." (96:7-97:0)

5. Is the diversity of characters in the church a drawback to the fulfillment of the gospel mission? (99:1)


6. What is the subject which should bind all the members of the church together in spite of diversity of characteristics? (99:2)


7. As Jesus' human agents labor for souls, what three attributes must they have as a protection against the onslaughts of Satan? (101:1)

a. _______________________________________________________________

b. _______________________________________________________________

c. _______________________________________________________________

8. "Linked together in confidence, in the bonds of holy love, brother may receive from brother all the _____________________ that can possibly be obtained from one another. . . ." (102:2)

9. "_____________________ gifts, combined, are necessary for the success of the work. Let us remember that some can fill certain positions more successfully than others." (103:1)

10. "The various talents that the Lord has entrusted to His servants are _____________________ in His work. The different parts of the work are to be __________________________________, piece by piece, to make a complete whole." (103:2)

11. "His methods may be good, and yet varied gifts are essential; __________________________________________ is not to mold and fashion the work according to his special ideas." (104:1)

12. What is needed, concerning our methods of work? (105:3)


13. "The inclination to _____________________ is the greatest danger of many. The brethren whom you are tempted to criticize are called to bear responsibilities which you could not possibly carry; but you are to be their _____________________. . . . The Lord has not _____________________ to any of you the work of correcting and censuring your _____________________. . . ." (106:5-107:0)

14. What are two reasons why the Lord is not working to bring many souls to the truth? (110:2)

a. _______________________________________________________________

b. _______________________________________________________________

15. What is the first task of the minister as he works in his district? (110:4-111:0)


16. "Where such an (evangelistic) effort is made . . . , let the __________________________________________ clear the King's highway, and help with their _____________________ in the work being done. Let them show that they are in perfect _____________________." (112:3)

17. "Let the _____________________ members be an example to those who have recently come into the truth." (112:4-113:0)

18. What is told us about using denominational publications as a means of teaching the truth to our neighbors? (114:3-115:0)


19. "The formation of small companies as a basis of Christian effort is a _____________________ that has been presented before me by One who cannot err. If there is a large _____________________ in the church, let the members be formed into small companies, to work not only for the church members but for _____________________ also." (115:2)

20. "Motion is not necessarily life. We may go through all the _____________________ and _____________________ of religion; but unless we are alive in Christ, our work is _____________________." (117:1)

C. For meditation.

1. Am I exercising discretion and prudence, working according to a plan in harmony with others, and praying fervently as I am actively involved in the work of God?

2. Do I appreciate the talents of my fellow believers even though they are different from mine?

3. Am I doing all I can to win my neighbors?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 119-167 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where one can find the answer.

1. What must we avoid when we present the truth? (119:2)


2. What messages are the most important ones for us to proclaim? (119:3 120-0)


3. "His (Jesus') messages of mercy were varied to _____________________ His audience. . . . He had _____________________ to meet the prejudiced minds, and surprise them with illustrations that won their attention. Through the _____________________ He reached the heart." (123:2)

4. "Light was given me by the Lord that it was not the best plan to make a _____________________ of what we were going to do; for just as soon as our intentions were made known, our _____________________ would be roused to block the way." (125:1)

5. "If we move wisely, without one tinge of boasting, without stopping to challenge the _____________________, if we advance one line of truth after another, crowding in the most important and soul-testing (truths), the Lord will take care of the result. . . ." (125:3)

6. "You need not feel that _____________________ the _____________________ is to be spoken to unbelievers on any and every occasion. You should plan carefully what to say and what to leave unsaid." (125:5)

7. What counsel is given us regarding meeting halls? (126:1)


8. "There is far more being done by the universe of Heaven than we have any idea of, in preparing the way so that _____________________ shall be converted." (127:5)

9. "We want more of God; we do not want to feel that it is our _____________________ and our _____________________ that is to do the work. . . ." (127:5-128:0)

10. What provides strength for the worker? (128:3-129:0)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

c. _____________________ d. _____________________

11. "As far as practicable, let the important _____________________ given at our camp meetings be published in the newspapers." (130:2)

12. What are the characteristics of an efficient disciple of God? (135:1)


13. "You may be sure that pure and undefiled religion is not a _____________________ religion." (138:2)

14. "We are not to encourage a spirit of enthusiasm that brings _____________________ for a _____________________, but soon fades away, leaving discouragement and depression." (138:3)

15. "Learn to meet the people __________________________________________. Do not present subjects that will arouse _____________________." (142:4-143:0)

16. "Do not arouse opposition before the people have had opportunity to hear the _____________________ and know what they are opposing." (143:1)

17. "It should ever be manifest that we are _____________________, but not _____________________." (143:4)

18. "Our laborers should be very careful not to give the impression that they are _____________________ stealing in to get the sheep, but should let the ministers understand their position and the object of their mission--to call the attention of the people to the truths of _____________________ . There are many of these which are dear to all Christians. Here is _____________________ ground, upon which we can meet people of other denominations. . . ." (143:5-144:0)

19. "We should not, upon entering a place, build up unnecessary _____________________ between us and other denominations. . . ." (144:1)

20. What type of prayer is best to offer in public? (146:2)


21. After winning the people's interest in public meetings, what should be done? (151:3)


22. "__________________________________________ should be devoted to patiently educating the people, giving them opportunity to express themselves. It is _____________________ that men need, line upon line, and precept upon precept." (153:1)

23. What should be done to increase the effectiveness of the spoken word? (159:2)


24. "The _____________________ is a powerful means to _____________________ the minds and hearts of the people. . . . If men, under the influence of the spirit of the world and of Satan, are earnest to circulate _____________________, _____________________ and _____________________ of a corrupting nature, you should be more earnest to get reading matter of an elevating and saving character before the people." (160:5-161:0)

25. "_____________________ and _____________________ are the Lord's means of keeping the message for this time continually before the people." (161:3)

26. "In the presentation of unpopular truth, which involves a heavy cross, preachers should be _____________________ that every word is as God would have it. Their words should never _____________________. They should present the truth in humility, with the deepest love for souls, and an earnest desire for their salvation, and let the truth _____________________." (162:4)

27. Besides doctrinal subjects, what other truths must be presented? (163:3)

a. _____________________ f. _____________________

b. _____________________ g. _____________________

c. _____________________ h. _____________________

d. _____________________ i. _____________________

e. _____________________

C. For meditation.

1. "At this time, when we are so near the end, shall we become so like the world in practice that men may look in vain to find God's denominated people?" (121:3)

2. "Christian worth does not depend on brilliant talents, lofty birth, wonderful powers, but on a clean heart--a heart purified and refined, that does not exalt self, but, by beholding Christ, reflects the long lost image of divinity." (135:3)

3. Am I as zealous to see souls saved as Satan is to see them lost?

4. Do I fully realize that the spreading of our literature is one of the Lord's ways of making known the message of salvation, and am I giving out tracts, magazines, and books as I should?

5. When I am confronted with error or opposition, do I depend on my argumentative ability, or do I recognize that my only strength is in Christ?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 168-216 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. What will be the results if we are harsh in dealing with souls? (168:2)


2. "What a _____________________ it is to labor for the conversion of souls! Our calling is high. . . . To fit us to do this work, He __________________________________________ our mental faculties as verily as He did the mind of Daniel." (172:1)

3. "We need far less _____________________, and far more presentation of _____________________. Our Redeemer is the center of all our faith and hope." (172:2)

4. "Our work is not to make a raid on the _____________________ but to prepare a people to stand in the great day of the _____________________." (173:1)

5. "In the past you have presented the truth in a _____________________ way, using it as if it were a _____________________. This has not glorified the Lord." (173:8)

6. When we feel it is necessary to speak words of reproof, how should it be done? (174:2)


7. What speaking techniques should we follow when we preach? (175:2)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

c. _____________________ d. _____________________

8. "'I do not like to go much beyond the _____________________,' said a faithful and earnest preacher, who certainly never gave to his hearers that which cost him nothing in the preparation." (176:4)

9. "Two _____________________ of such long discourses are _____________________, and the preacher _____________________." (177:0)

10. "Much of the effect of discourses is lost because of the manner in which they are delivered. The speaker frequently forgets that he is God's messenger, and that Christ and the angels are in his _____________________ as listeners. His voice should not be _____________________ to a _____________________, shouting out the truth as through a trumpet; for this is more _____________________ power than the calm spirit and power of the Holy Ghost." (183:4-184:0)

11. "The Lord calls upon you to make decided improvement in your manner of presenting the truth. You need not be _____________________. Preach the Word, as Christ, the Son of God, preached the Word. _____________________ gesticulations detract greatly from the impressions the truth would make upon human hearts, and lessen the force of the demonstrations of the _____________________ of _____________________. They efface the solemn impressions regarding God's Word that holy angels desire shall be made upon minds. . . ." (184:1)

12. What must be the themes for our discourses? (187:1, 2)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

c. _____________________ d. _____________________

e. _____________________ f. _____________________

g. _____________________ h. _____________________

13. "Christ is to be preached, not _____________________, but _____________________." (187:4)

14. What is the message that the sinner should hear? (189:2)


15. Can one distinguish between the third angel's message and the verity of justification by faith? (190:3)


16. "The followers of Christ are to combine in a strong effort to call the attention of the _____________________ to the fast-fulfilling _____________________ of the Word of God." (193:3)

17. "There are many who do not _____________________ the prophecies relating to these days, and they must be enlightened. It is the duty of both _____________________ and _____________________ to give the trumpet a certain sound." (194:4-195:0)

18. The truth in what particular book of the Bible must now be proclaimed? (195:4-196:0)


19. "The vision that Christ presented to John, presenting the _____________________ of God and the _____________________ of Jesus, is to be definitely proclaimed to all nations, people, and tongues." (197:2)

20. "Instruction has been given me clearly and distinctly that _____________________ should be used in the presentation of truth." (203:2)

21. "The use of charts is _____________________ in explaining the prophecies relating to the past, the present, and the future. But we are to make our work as _____________________ and _____________________ as possible." (203:3)

22. What prophecies in particular should be illustrated? (204:3)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

C. For meditation.

1. If I truly believe that we are nearing the final crisis, am I ready to do the work that the hour demands?

2. When working in new territory, am I following all the counsel given for this type of work?

3. Am I introducing threads of my own devising into the Lord's pattern on the loom? (215:1)



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 217-278 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "The truth must not languish upon our _____________________. We must rouse people to immediate preparation, for we little know what is before us." (217:3)

2. "We have no time to lose. The powers of darkness are working with intense energy, and with stealthy tread _____________________ is advancing to take those who are now asleep. . . . We have warnings _____________________ which we may give, a work _____________________ which we may do, but soon it will be more difficult than we imagine. . . ." (218:5)

3. What is the wonderful theme which must be kept before the people? (220:3)


4. What are we cautioned against when speaking of the second coming of Christ? (221:1)


5. What is the very center of Christ's work in behalf of men? (222:1)


6. What false doctrine will the enemy disseminate? (224:3)


7. "The last message of warning to the world is to lead men to see the importance that God attaches to His _____________________." (225:3)

8. "I am instructed to say, Gather from the Scriptures the proofs that God has sanctified the _____________________, and let these proofs be read before the congregation." (226:1)

9. "Avoid running down the _____________________; do not let the people receive the idea that your work is to _____________________, but to _____________________, and to present the truth as it is in Jesus." (227:1)

10. Satan is trying to thwart the proclamation of what message? (230:2)


11. "Do not make prominent those features of the message which are a condemnation of the customs and practices of the people, until they have opportunity to know that we are _____________________ in _____________________, that we believe in His divinity and in His pre-existence. Let the _____________________ of the world's _____________________ be dwelt upon." (231:1)

12. "Those who know that they have the _____________________ should not, by the use of _____________________ and _____________________ expressions, give Satan one chance to misinterpret their spirit." (236:2)

13. What surety is given to those who faithfully observe the fourth commandment? (240:1)


14. What Bible incidents demonstrate that the heavenly Father cares for His children and provides for their physical needs? (241:1)


15. "___________________ up to every _____________________ of _____________________ that you have received. Your eternal interests are involved here. . . . On your knees ask Christ to impress your heart by His _____________________, and turn not away from His law." (243:2)

16. "Do not think that if you take your position for the _____________________ you will lose your _____________________. You had better _____________________ your position than lose _____________________." (243:3)

17. "Great _____________________ should be used in the presentation of a truth that comes directly in opposition to the opinions and practices of the people." (246:2)

18. "When once the _____________________ of the people is gained, then it is time enough to introduce publicly the _____________________ and _____________________ questions." (246:3)

19. "It is part of your work to _____________________ those whom you bring into the truth to bring the _____________________ into the storehouse as an acknowledgment of their dependence on God. . . . If you neglect to give the new converts instruction on this point, you leave undone a _____________________ _____________________ part of your work." (250:2)

20. When instructing new converts, what must we not keep back, and why? (251:2, 3)


21. "Should __________________ flow into the treasury exactly according to God's plan,--a tenth of all the increase,--there would be ______________________ to carry forward His work." (252:3)

22. What activities should we avoid when gathering means for the church? (253:1)


23. New believers must have a clear understanding of __________________________________________ (255:2)

24. What place do the testimonies have in relation to the Bible? (256:2)


25. What is the purpose of the testimonies? (256:4-257:0)


26. "Those who live in the _____________________ of this earth's history need to be fully established in the principles of _____________________. . . ." (262:1)

27. Why does God include health reform in His work? (263:3)


28. "The subject of temperance, in all its bearings, has an _____________________ place in the working out of our _____________________. Because of wrong habits of eating, the world is becoming more and more immoral." (265:2)

29. "Self-denial in dress is a part of our Christian duty. To dress _____________________, and _____________________ from display of jewelry and ornaments of every kind is in keeping with our faith." (269:3)

30. "There is no need to make the dress question the main point of your religion. There is something richer to speak of. Talk of Christ, and when the _____________________ is _____________________, everything that is out of harmony with the Word of God will drop off." (272:1)

31. Which two ordinances are monumental pillars of the church? (273:2)


32. What did the early Adventist believers do on the day before the celebration of the Lord's supper and the foot washing service? (274:3)


33. Why was the foot washing ordinance instituted? (275:1)


C. For meditation.

1. Do I constantly hold the hope of Christ's second coming in my heart and mind as I go about my daily activities?

2. Am I aware of the fact that Satan has many ways in which to tempt me to be disloyal to God's law?

3. Could it be that by my lack of faithfulness I am hindering the progress of the Lord's work?

4. Am I following sound health principles?

5. In my personal attire and conduct am I in harmony with Christian modesty?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 279-333 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "It is not flowery discourses that are needed, not a _____________________ of words without meaning. Our ministers are to preach in a way that will _____________________ people to grasp vital _____________________." (279:2)

2. "In _____________________ discourse fervent _____________________ should be made to the people to _____________________ their sins and turn to Christ." (280:3)

3. Conversion leads on to what experience? (289:2-290:0)


4. "We must have more than an intellectual belief in the truth. Many of the Jews were convinced that Jesus was the Son of God, but they were too proud and ambitious to _____________________. They decided to resist the truth, and they maintained their opposition. They did not receive into the _____________________ the truth as it is in Jesus." (291:1)

5. Who actually effects the work of saving souls? (291:2)


6. "The conversion of souls to God is the _____________________ work, the _____________________ work, in which human beings can have a part." (292:1)

7. What precaution must we take regarding those who show a great interest in the truth? (295:1)


8. "Every expression that you have ever been in the habit of making, people and ministers, that is _____________________ or _____________________, every practice of thrusting upon the people the very strongest positions, that they are no more prepared to receive than a baby to receive _____________________, must be put aside. There must be a _____________________, Christ must be woven into everything that is argumentative as the _____________________ and the _____________________ of the garment." (299:4-300:0)

9. What must we do in order to be able to respond to the attacks of the enemy with meekness and humility? (303:1)


10. "We must expect to meet unbelief and opposition. The truth has always had to _____________________ with these elements. But though you should meet the _____________________ opposition, do not _____________________ your opponents. They may think, as did Paul, that they are doing God service; and to such we must manifest _____________________, _____________________, and long-suffering. . . ." (305:2)

11. "There is need of a more thorough _____________________ on the part of candidates for baptism. They are in need of more _____________________ instruction than has usually been given them. . . . We are not only to say, 'I believe,' but to practice the truth." (308:4-309:0)

12. "The test of discipleship is not brought to bear as _____________________ as it should be upon those who present themselves for _____________________." (311:2)

13. What is one subject on which new converts will need proper instruction? (312:1)


14. "There is one thing that we have no right to do, and that is to _____________________ another man's heart or _____________________ his motives. But when a person presents himself as a candidate for church membership, we are to examine the _____________________ of his _____________________, and leave the responsibility of his motive with himself. But great _____________________ should be exercised in accepting members into the church; for Satan has his specious devices through which he purposes to _____________________ brethren into the church, through whom he can work more successfully to _____________________ the cause of God." (313:3)

15. "After the believing soul has received the ordinance of baptism, he is to _____________________ that he is dedicated to God, to Christ, and to the Holy Spirit. . . ." (315:3)

16. "It is the grace of Christ that gives life to the soul. Apart from _____________________, baptism, like any other service, is a worthless form." (318:3)

17. Describe what happens when one receives salvation. (319:1)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

c. _____________________ d. _____________________

18. "The accession of members who have not been renewed in heart and reformed in life is a source of _____________________ to the church. This fact is often ignored. Some ministers and churches are _____________________ of securing an increase of _____________________ that they do not bear faithful testimony against unchristian habits and practices. Those who accept the truth are not taught that they cannot _____________________ be worldlings in conduct while they are Christians in name." (319:3)

19. "God would be better pleased to have _____________________ [persons] _____________________ converted to the truth as the result of their [the ministers'] labors, than to have _____________________ make a __________________________________________, and yet not be thoroughly converted." (320:1)

20. If a minister leaves his field of labor as soon as a group of converts accept the truth, what will be the result? (322:1)


21. If new believers are not firmly grounded in the Word of God and thoroughly converted to Christ, and have not made radical changes in their lives, what will happen? (322:2)


22. "When a minister enters a field, he should work that field _____________________. . . . If he has _____________________ instructed those under his care, when he leaves for other fields of labor the work will not _____________________; it will be bound off so firmly as to be secure." (322:3-323:0)

23. What counsel is given us concerning city evangelism? (323:1)


24. "Our ministers must be educated and trained to do their work more _____________________. They should _____________________ the work and not leave it to ravel out. And they should look especially after the interests they have created, and not _____________________ and never have any special interest after leaving a church." (324:1)

25. What is the reason we suffer such great losses when holding efforts in the large cities? (328:1)


26. "In comparison to the number that reject the truth, those that receive it will be _____________________ _____________________, but one soul is of more value than _____________________ beside. We must not become discouraged, although our work does not seem to bring large returns." (329:3)

27. Why does the gospel work meet with so little comparative success? (333:2)

a. _____________________ b. _____________________

C. For meditation.

1. Do I perceive the many people around me who are on the verge of the kingdom, waiting only to be gathered in? (292:2)

2. As a parent am I conscientiously fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to me regarding the spiritual welfare of my children?

3. Am I conscious of the fact that Satan does not want me to give myself unconditionally to the Lord?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 334-383 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. After having presented the truth for the first time during an evangelistic series, what then needs to be done? (334:2)


2. "Our efforts are not to cease because public meetings have been _____________________ for a time. So long as there are _____________________, we must give them opportunity to learn the truth." (337:1)

3. "Much _____________________ upon the work done by the members of the _____________________ in connection with and following the tent meetings that shall be held in our _____________________." (338:4)

4. Upon what points should one firmly establish new believers? (343:4)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

d. __________________________________________

5. "Everyone who claims to be a _____________________ is to _____________________ the responsibility of keeping himself in _____________________ with the guidance of the Word of God. God holds each soul _____________________ for following, for himself, the pattern given in the life of Christ and for having a character that is _____________________ and _____________________." (343:2)

6. "How much better it would be for the cause, if the messenger of truth had _____________________ and _____________________ educated these converts in regard to all these essential matters, even if there were _____________________ whom he could number as being added to the church under his labors." (343:5)

7. "When men and women accept the truth, we are not to _____________________ and _____________________ them and have no further burden for them. They are to be looked after. They are to be _____________________ as a _____________________ upon the soul, and we must watch over them as stewards who must render an _____________________." (345:2)

8. What must be rooted out of the heart, and why? ((347:2)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

9. A little corner of the sermon should be reserved for whom? (349:1)


10. What sermon topic should be presented to statesmen, learned men and "honorable personages"? (350:1)


11. "Those who have newly come to the _____________________ should be _____________________ and _____________________ dealt with, and it is the duty of the _____________________ members of the church to devise ways and means to provide help and sympathy and instruction for those who have conscientiously withdrawn from other churches for the truth's sake, and thus cut themselves off from the pastoral labor to which they have been accustomed." (351:1)

12. "The ministers may do their part, but they can never perform the work that the _____________________ should do. God requires His _____________________ to nurse those who are young in faith and experience, to go to them, not for the purpose of _____________________ with them, but to _____________________, to speak unto them words that are "like apples of gold in pictures of silver." (352:1)

13. "Personal responsibility, personal activity in seeking the _____________________ of others, must be the _____________________ given to all newly come to the faith. . . ." (354:2)

14. Why is it that some new believers do not advance? (355:2)


15. "Those who are most _____________________ employed in doing with interested fidelity their work to win _____________________ to Jesus Christ, are the best developed in _____________________ and _____________________." (356:3)

16. "Many know so _____________________ about their __________________ that they are unsettled in the faith. They remove the old landmarks, and _____________________ and _____________________ of doctrine blow them hither and thither." (362:3)

17. So that new believers will be firmly established in the faith, what books should they read? (366:3)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

d. __________________________________________

18. "The efforts made to cleanse the church from moral _____________________ must be made in God's _____________________. There must be no _____________________, no hypocrisy. There must be no _____________________, whose sins are regarded as less sinful that those of others." (369:0)

19. Concerning the matter of rebaptism, how should we deal with the brethren who have come from other religious bodies who had a Bible baptism but did not have a full knowledge of the truth? Why? (374:2, 3)


20. "Wherever a company of believers is raised up, a _____________________ of _____________________ should be built. Let not the workers leave the place without accomplishing this." (376:1)

21. "In _____________________ city where the truth is proclaimed, _____________________ are to be raised up. In some _____________________ cities there must be churches in _____________________ _____________________ of the city. In some places, meetinghouses will be offered for sale at reasonable rates, which can be purchased _____________________." (377:1)

22. "We have no command from God to erect a building which will compare for richness and splendor with the _____________________. But we are to build a humble house of worship, _____________________ and _____________________, _____________________ and _____________________ in its design." (377:3)

23. When planning to build a church, what other provision should be made as well? (380:2)


24. "Instead of keeping the _____________________ at work for the churches that already know the truth, let the members of the churches say to these laborers: 'Go work for souls that are perishing in darkness. We ourselves will carry forward the services of the church. We will keep up the meetings, and, by abiding in _____________________ will maintain _____________________ life. We will work for souls that are about us, and we will send our _____________________ and our _____________________ to sustain the laborers in more _____________________ and _____________________ fields.'" (382:1)

C. For meditation.

1. What am I doing to help establish new converts in the faith?

2. By the fruits that are evident in my life, could it be said that I am under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

3. Am I now "rooted and grounded" in the truth so that I am able to stand firm against the temptations of the enemy?

4. As a church member, am I a help to the pastor and an inspiration to my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 384-406 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. What other good means are there for evangelizing large cities? (386:1)


2. "The men in the business houses of New York and other large _____________________, as verily as the _____________________ in foreign lands, must be reached with the message." (388:2)

3. What happened in the big eastern cities in the United States? (389:2)


4. "The _____________________ missionary work is a _____________________ through which the truth is to find entrance to many homes in the _____________________. In every city will be found those who will appreciate the truths of the third angel's message. . . ." (391:2)

5. In what way can the medical work be linked with the evangelistic work? (392:2)


6. "There is a great work _____________________ in sounding the gospel _____________________ for this time in these _____________________ cities. . . ." (406:4)

C. For meditation.

Do you believe that the counsel given by the Spirit of Prophecy concerning how the work is to be accomplished in the large U.S. cities can be applied to other large cities also?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 407-428 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "At this time there should be representatives of present truth in _____________________ city, and in the _____________________ parts of the earth. The whole _____________________ is to be illuminated with the glory of God's truth. The light is to shine to all lands and all peoples." (407:1)

2. What methods did Sister Ellen G. White suggest for the establishing of the work in Europe? (409:1)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

3. Who strongly opposed the proclamation of the message? (410:l)


4. What is the "silent messenger?" (411:1)


5. "Angels of God are near to _____________________ the _____________________ upon his heart; and, although loath to do so, he at last yields, and light takes possession of his soul. Those who are thus unwillingly converted, often prove to be among the most _____________________; and their experience teaches them to labor perseveringly for others." (412:0)

6. What was one of the greatest difficulties to be met in presenting the truth in England? (416:5-417:0)


7. What was hindering the Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians in working for their fellow countrymen? (419:2)


8. What two observations did Sister White make regarding the work in Copenhagen? (421:3, 4 & 422:0)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

9. "I was shown that _____________________ in Northern Europe had _____________________ the truth through _____________________." (422:2)

C. For meditation.

1. Do I waver when I have to take the message to unpromising places?

2. When I am traveling through other cities, towns, and villages, do I ask myself, "How many of these inhabitants know this message of salvation which gives me so much peace and hope?"



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 429-455 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "Of _____________________ importance with public effort is _____________________ _____________________ work in the homes of the people." (429:1)

2. "When a discourse is given, precious seed is sown. But if _____________________ effort is not made to cultivate the _____________________, the seed does not take _____________________." (429:2)

3. "If _____________________ of the sermonizing were done, and _____________________ the amount of _____________________ labor given to souls in their homes and in the congregations, a result would be seen that would be surprising." (430:3)

4. What great mistake does Sister White warn us not to make? (431:4-432:0)


5. What should be done after a series of meetings? (432:2, 3)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

6. "If those interested are not visited by _____________________ workers, other _____________________ get upon their tracks and _____________________ them by misquoting and wresting the Scriptures." (433:0)

7. "All who can, should do _____________________ labor." (442:1)

8. "The work of Christ was largely composed of personal _____________________. He had a faithful regard for the _____________________ audience; and that one soul has carried to thousands the intelligence received." (443:2)

9. "If half of the time usually spent in making public _____________________ were devoted to _____________________ _____________________ teaching, till the people had become acquainted with the religious sincerity of the workers and with the reasons of their faith, it would be better. After this work has been done, it could be _____________________ whether a more expensive effort would be advisable." (445:3)

10. What were three things Sister White did when she made a personal visit? (451:1, 2-452:0)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

C. For meditation.

1. Am I sure I will not be accused of causing a soul to be lost?

2. Am I convinced of the importance of personal visits? When was the last time I made a visit?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 456-455 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "A _____________________ in _____________________ study is needed throughout the _____________________. Attention is to be called, not to the assertions of men, but to the Word of God." (456:1)

2. "Our work has been _____________________ for us by our heavenly Father. We are to take our _____________________, and go forth to warn the _____________________. We are to be God's helping hands in _____________________ souls. . . ." (456:2)

3. "You cannot exert an influence that will _____________________ others until your own _____________________ has been _____________________ and refined and made _____________________ by the grace of Christ. When this change has been wrought in you, it will be as natural for you to live to bless others as it is for the rosebush to yield its _____________________ bloom or the vine its purple clusters." (459:0)

4. In what way can the sisters in the church win the hearts of their neighbors? (460:1)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

5. "Women who have the cause of God at _____________________ can do a good work in the districts in which they reside." (465:1)

6. "Our sisters, the youth, the middle-aged, and those of advanced years, may act a part in the _____________________ work for this time; and in doing this as they have opportunity, they will obtain an experience of the highest value to themselves." (468:1)

7. What endeavors can youth engage in when they are thoroughly educated and well organized? (471:1)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

d. __________________________________________

e. __________________________________________

8. "No work done for the Master must be considered _____________________ and of little _____________________. . . . If it is done cheerfully, humbly, and in the meekness of Christ, it will result in the _____________________ of God." (471:4)

9. "It should be the _____________________ of our schools to provide the best instruction and training for _____________________ workers. Our _____________________ should see that the schools are provided with teachers who are thorough Bible teachers and who have a deep Christian experience. The _____________________ ministerial talent should be _____________________ into our schools." (475:1)

10. What training should our schools provide for the girls? (475:2)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

d. __________________________________________

e. __________________________________________

f. __________________________________________

11. "There is need of young men and women who will not be _____________________ by circumstances, who walk with _____________________, who pray _____________________, and who put forth earnest efforts to gather all the light they can." (478:2)

12. What attributes of Martha and Mary must our sisters of today have who are working for the Lord? (478:3)

a. _____________________ g._____________________

b. _____________________ h._____________________

c. _____________________ i. _____________________

d. _____________________ j. _____________________

e. _____________________ k. _____________________

f. _____________________ l. _____________________

13. "Wherever you can gain access to the people by the fireside, improve your opportunity. Take your _____________________, and open before them its great truths. Your success will not depend so much upon your _____________________ and _____________________, as upon your _____________________ to find your way to the _____________________. By being social and coming close to the people, you may turn the current of their thoughts more readily than by the most _____________________ discourse." (483:3)

14. "Those who would impart _____________________ must themselves practice its principles. Only by reflecting the _____________________ of _____________________ in the uprightness, nobility, and unselfishness of their own lives can they _____________________ others." (483:4)

15. "Preach _____________________, and _____________________ more, by holding Bible readings, and by praying with families and little companies." (484:1)

16. "The soul that has _____________________ to Christ is more precious in His sight than the whole _____________________." (489:4)

17. To whom should the tithe go? (492:2)__________________________________________

18. "Seventh-day Adventists are not in any way to _____________________ work. If a woman puts her house-work in the hands of a faithful, prudent helper, and leaves her children in good care, while she engages in the work, the conference should have wisdom to understand the justice of her receiving _____________________." (492:4-493:0)

C. For meditation.

1. If I have some person who helps me in the tasks around the home, do I value their work and do I let them know I appreciate it?

2. Do I pray daily for those who are in danger of being eternally lost, asking God to help me win them?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 496-512 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "The melody of _____________________, poured forth from many hearts in _____________________, _____________________ utterance, is one of God's instrumentalities in the work of saving souls." (496:1)

2. As the people sang David's psalms, what effect did they have? (497:1)


3. "Often _____________________ [Christ] expressed the _____________________ of His heart by singing psalms and heavenly songs. Often the dwellers in Nazareth heard His voice raised in _____________________ and thanksgiving to God. He held _____________________ with heaven in song; and as His _____________________ complained of weariness from labor, they were cheered by the sweet melody from His lips." (499:1)

4. What should be the theme of every song? (502:1)


5. Sister White tells of song services held in what unusual place as a means of calling attention to the message? (503:2-4)


6. "There should be much more _____________________ in voice _____________________ than is now generally manifested. _____________________ who have learned to sing sweet gospel songs with melody and distinctness can do much good as singing _____________________." (504:1)

7. "A _____________________ should not give out hymns to be sung until it has first been ascertained that they are familiar to those who sing. A _____________________ person should be _____________________ to take charge of this exercise, and it should be his duty to see that such hymns are selected as can be sung with the _____________________ and with the _____________________ also." (506:1)

8. "Do not _____________________ musicians if this can possibly be avoided. Gather together singers who will sing with the _____________________ and with the _____________________ also." (509:2)

9. When only does God accept music as a part of worship? (512:1)


C. For meditation

When hymns are sung in the church, do I participate with the proper attitude?




Date _____________________

A. Read pages 513-551 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "_____________________ missionary work is the right, helping _____________________ of the _____________________, to _____________________ doors for the proclamation of the message. . . ." (513:2)

2. Why is the medical missionary work called "the great entering wedge?" (513:5-514:0


3. "I have been informed by my guide that not only should those who believe the truth _____________________ health reform but they should also _____________________ it diligently to others; for it will be an _____________________ through which the truth can be presented to the attention of _____________________." (514:3)

4. "Medical missionary work gives opportunity for carrying forward successful _____________________ work. It is as these lines of effort are _____________________, that we may expect to _____________________ the most precious _____________________ for the Lord." (516:2)

5. While the medical missionary works upon the body, what does God do? (517:2)

6. What exhortation and counsel is given to the youth? (518:2)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

7. "The _____________________ missionaries who are sent to foreign countries should first _____________________ a most _____________________ education. They are Christ's _____________________, and they are to work for Him with all the _____________________ they have, _____________________ fervently that the great Physician will pity and _____________________ by His miraculous power." (518:3)

8. "_____________________ should remember that they will often be required to perform the duties of a _____________________. Medical missionaries come under the head of evangelists. The workers should go forth _____________________, that they may pray and consult together. Never should they be sent out _____________________." (520:1)

9. "Never should a _____________________ be established as an enterprise _____________________ of the church. Our _____________________ are to unite with the work of the ministers of the gospel." (522:2)

10. What precautions should be taken in the development of the medical work? (523:1)

a. __________________________________________


11. "Gospel _____________________ should be able also to give instruction in the principles of _____________________ living. There is sickness everywhere, and much of it might be _____________________ by attention to the laws of health." (525:3)

12. There is a great need for instruction on what subjects? (525: 4)


13. "_____________________ should be established, and house-to-house instruction should be given in the art of cooking wholesome _____________________." (526:4)

14. "Cooking _____________________ are to be _____________________ in _____________________ places." (527:1)

15. "When the human _____________________ moves in harmony with the _____________________ arrangements of _____________________, as brought to light through the gospel, disease is _____________________ health _____________________ speedily."

16. "Satan is taking the world _____________________ through the use of _____________________ and _____________________, _____________________. The God-given mind, which should be kept clear, is perverted by the use of _____________________. The brain is no longer _____________________ to distinguish _____________________. The _____________________ has control. Man has _____________________ his reason for that which makes him mad." (529:3)

17. What subject should be strongly and clearly presented? (530:1)


18. "Let the teachings of _____________________ be brought into every _____________________ made to get the light of truth before the people." (533:3)

19. "The Lord has _____________________ me that there should be _____________________ near many _____________________ cities. . . ." (534:4)

20. "It is the _____________________ desire that renewed efforts shall be put forth in _____________________ places, and small _____________________ [medical] be established. A work is to be done that is to _____________________ the way for the advancement of the truth, and that will _____________________ the faith of souls. . . ." (535:1)

21. "Health _____________________ must be _____________________ in many _____________________." (536:1)

22. "We are not to establish a _____________________ institutions; for thus it would be impossible to give the patients the messages that will bring health to the soul. _____________________ sanitariums are to be _____________________ in _____________________ places." (536:3-537:0)

23. What is the one great objective for our medical institutions? (537:3)


24. "_____________________ containing the precious truths of the gospel should be in the _____________________ of the patients, or where they can have easy access to them. There should be a _____________________ in every _____________________, and it should be supplied with books containing the light of the gospel._____________________ plans should be laid that the _____________________ may have constant access to reading matter that contains the light of present truth. . . ." (538:2)

25. What biblical example of the working together of a doctor and an evangelist is mentioned in these paragraphs? (543:4-544:1)


26. What social class must medical missionaries seek to reach? (545:4-546:0)


27. "The faithful physician and the _____________________ are engaged in the same work. They should work in complete _____________________. They are to counsel together." (546:2)

28. "The gospel invitation is to be given to the _____________________ and the _____________________, the _____________________ and the _____________________, and we must devise means for carrying the truth into new places, and to _____________________ classes of people." (549:1)

29. "As the _____________________ is to the body, so is the medical missionary work to the third angel's message. But the right arm is not to _____________________ the whole body. The work of seeking the _____________________ is important, but it is not to become the _____________________ burden of our _____________________." (549 3)

30. What advice is given to medical missionaries regarding becoming over-taxed with their work? (550:2,3)


C. For meditation.

1. Am I concerned about the way people are damaging their health by their wrong eating habits and other unhealthful practices? What am I doing for these people?

2. Am I convinced that in order to attract souls to Christ a good example is more important than preaching?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 552-588 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answers can be found.

1. "_____________________ reach the _____________________ classes if possible, but there should be no _____________________ of the ____________________." (553:2)

2. Who should especially hear the message? (554:3-555:0)

a. _____________________ e. _____________________

b. _____________________ f. _____________________

c. _____________________ g. _____________________

d. _____________________

3. "Thousands of _____________________ men have gone to their graves unwarned, because they have been judged by _____________________, and passed by as _____________________ subjects." (555:2)

4. "There has not been the _____________________ made that should have been made to reach the _____________________ classes." (555:3)

5. "But in order to do this _____________________ the workers will have to keep themselves up to a _____________________ level of _____________________." (556:1)

6. "Even the great men are more easily _____________________ by the _____________________ of the gospel than by any effort made in human power." (557:4)

7. "Much more _____________________, much more _____________________, much more _____________________ to God's _____________________, is to be brought into God's work." (559:2)

8. For whom should we most fervently pray? (561:3)


9. "Our ministers should seek to come near to the _____________________ of other _____________________. Pray for and with these men, for whom Christ is interceding. A solemn responsibility is theirs. As Christ's messengers, we should manifest a deep, earnest _____________________ in these shepherds of the flock." (562:1)

10. "Much has been lost by our people through following such _____________________ plans that the _____________________, _____________________ classes are not reached." (562:4)

11. Which social class is the most easily reached? (564:1)


12. "There is no _____________________ with God. He ignores everything of the kind." (566:1)

13. Who should we also remember, while working to bear the message to foreign lands? (569:2)


14. "Great benefits would come to the cause of God in the regions beyond if faithful effort were put forth in behalf of the _____________________ in the cities of our homeland. Among these men and women are some who, upon accepting the truth, could soon _____________________ to labor for their own _____________________ in this _____________________ and in other _____________________." (570:1).

15. "There is a great work before us. The _____________________ is to be warned. The truth is to _____________________ into many languages, that all nations may enjoy its pure, life-giving influence." (570:3-571:0)

16. What must we carry from city to city and country to country? (573:3)


17. "We should not, upon entering a place, build up unnecessary _____________________ between us and other _____________________, especially the _____________________, so that they shall shall think we are their avowed _____________________." (573:4-574:0)

18. "In bearing the _____________________, make no personal _____________________ at other churches, not even the _____________________. Angels of God see in the different denominations _____________________ who can be reached only by the _____________________ caution. Therefore let us be careful of our words." (576:1)

19. "The best way to expose the fallacy of _____________________ is to present the evidences of _____________________." (577:0)

20. "It has been a _____________________ to me that there were so few who felt a burden to _____________________ for the _____________________ who are scattered throughout so many lands." (578:2)

21. "There will be many _____________________ from among the _________________________, and these converts will _____________________ in preparing the way of the Lord, and making straight in the desert a highway for our God." (579:1)

22. "Meetings for the _____________________ should be held, not merely to educate and entertain them, but that they may be _____________________." (582:1)

23. Who can be reached as we work for the children? (584:2)


24. In what centers are we counseled to work, and why? (586:1)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

C. For meditation.

1. Am I sympathetic with church members of other denominations, and am I praying for their salvation?

2. Do I love the children and want them to be saved, or do they annoy me?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 589-627 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "Men boldly teach for _____________________ the commandments of _____________________; and as traditions pass on from age to age, they acquire a power over the human mind. But _____________________ does not make error _____________________, neither does its burdensome weight cause the plant of truth to become a parasite." (589:1)

2. "All should _____________________ with God's Word; because Satan perverts and _____________________ Scripture, and men follow his example by presenting part of God's Word to those whom they wish to lead in false paths, _____________________ the part which would spoil their plans." (591:1)

3. "Science, so-called, and _____________________ will be placed in _____________________ to each other, because finite men do not comprehend the power and _____________________ of God." (593:1)

4. Of what two false doctrines are we to beware? (595:2, 3-596:0)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

5. What is another false doctrine of men that is Satan-inspired? (597:3-598:0)


6. What theory expresses the belief that God is an all-pervading essence in nature? (601:1, 2)


7. "If God is an _____________________ pervading all nature, then He dwells in all men; and in order to attain _____________________, man has only to _____________________ the power that is within him." (601:3)

8. Pantheism, with its "logical" conclusions, does away with what need? (601:4-602:0)


9. "The doctrine of _____________________ after death, of the spirits of the _____________________ being in communion with the _____________________, has no _____________________ in the Scriptures, and yet these theories are affirmed as truth. Through this false doctrine the way has been opened for the _____________________ of _____________________ to deceive the people in representing themselves as the dead." (603:1)

10. The practice of communicating with the dead goes under the name of _____________________. (603:3)

11. "Satan is a _____________________ foe. And it is not difficult for the _____________________ angels to represent both _____________________ and _____________________ who have died, and make these representations _____________________ to human eyes. These manifestations will be more _____________________, and developments of a more _____________________ character will appear as we near the close of time." (604:3)

12. "The apostles of nearly all forms of _____________________ claim to have the power to _____________________ the _____________________." (606:2)

13. "The _____________________, watching by the _____________________ of her child, exclaims, 'I can do no more! Is there no physician who has power to restore my child!' She is told of the wonderful _____________________ performed by some _____________________ or magnetic healer, and she _____________________ her dear one to his charge, placing it as verily in the hand of _____________________ as if he were standing by her side. In many instances, the future life of the child is _____________________ by a satanic power, which it seems _____________________ to break." (606:3)

14. "The prayer of faith is the great _____________________ of the Christian, and will assuredly _____________________ against _____________________. This is why he insinuates that we have no need of _____________________." (609:3)

15. What is the believer's assurance of eternal life? (616:2)


16. What counsel is given regarding the refuting of spiritism and other false theories? (624:3)


17. "God has a work for His faithful servants to do. The attacks of the enemy must be _____________________ with the _____________________ of His _____________________." (625:1)

C. For meditation.

1. In the event you were ill, would you only be concerned about getting well again, or would it also matter to you from what source your healing came?

2. Am I a Christian who prays constantly?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 628-691 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. What is the essence of true politeness? (637:3)


2. "_____________________ good _____________________ increase the usefulness of the laborer a hundredfold." (638:4)

3. "The _____________________ of things may tell much in favor of _____________________. Victories are frequently lost through _________________. There will be crises in this cause. Prompt and decisive action at the right time will gain glorious triumphs, while _____________________ and _____________________ result in great failures and positive dishonor to God." (651:3-652:0)

4. "While we are to _____________________ for God's _____________________, we are to _____________________ our prayers by most _____________________, _____________________, _____________________." (652: 5)

5. "I hear of workers whose _____________________ breaking down under the strain of the _____________________ they are bearing. This ought not to be. God desires us to remember that we are mortal. We are not to _____________________ too much in our work." (660:1)

6. "It has been clearly presented to me that God's people are to take a _____________________ stand against _____________________ eating. . . . By the use of _____________________ the _____________________ nature is strengthened and the _____________________ nature _____________________." (663:2)

7. "The thought of _____________________ animals to be _____________________ is in itself _____________________. If man's natural sense had not been _____________________ the indulgence of appetite, human beings _____________________ of eating the _____________________ of animals." (664:1)

8. What are we directed to do regarding health work? (664:2)


9. "The ability to speak _____________________ and _____________________, in _____________________, _____________________ tones, is invaluable in any line of work. This qualification is indispensable in those who desire to become ministers, evangelists, Bible workers, or canvassers." (665:2)

10. "The training of the voice has an important place in _____________________ culture, since it tends to expand and strengthen the _____________________, and thus to ward off disease." (669:1)

11. "The subject of _____________________ demands serious _____________________ and much _____________________. Many unbelievers have felt that they were not doing right in permitting themselves to be slaves of fashion; but when they see some who make a _____________________ profession of _____________________ as worldlings dress, enjoying frivolous society, they decide that there can be no wrong in such a course." (673:1)

C . For meditation.

1. Do I earnestly pray and conscientiously seek to overcome my defects and try to cultivate the virtues that the true, mature Christian should possess?

2. Do I seek to imitate Christ, or other poor mortals like myself?



Date _____________________

A. Read pages 692-707 in Evangelism.

B. Test your comprehension.

Supply the proper words in the quotations below and answer the questions in the spaces provided. The numbers at the end of each question indicate the page and paragraph where the answer can be found.

1. "The time is coming when there will be as many _____________________ in a day as there were on the day of _____________________, after the disciples had received the Holy Spirit." (692:2)

2. "When the storm of _____________________ really breaks upon us, the _____________________ sheep will hear the _____________________ Shepherd's voice." (693:2)

3. "God will soon do great _____________________ for us, if we lie _____________________ and _____________________ at His feet. . . . More than _____________________ will soon be converted in one _____________________, most of whom will _____________________ their first convictions to the _____________________ of our _____________________." (693:3)

4. What power will again be revealed? (693:4)


5. What are the reasons Christ's coming has been delayed? (694:2, 3, 4)

a. __________________________________________

b. __________________________________________

c. __________________________________________

6. Who has taken advantage of this delay? (694:5)


7. "It was not the _____________________ of God that the coming of Christ should be thus _____________________. God did not design that His people, Israel, should wander _____________________ years in the wilderness. He promised to lead them _____________________ to the land of Canaan, and establish them there a holy, healthy, happy people. But those to whom it was first preached, went not in 'because of _____________________.' Their hearts were filled with murmuring, rebellion, and hatred, and He could not fulfill His _____________________ them." (696:1)

8. "The _____________________ sins have _____________________ the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly Canaan. In neither case were the promises of God at _____________________." (696: 2)

9. How can we yet hasten the Lord's coming? (696:4)


10. "When we bring our hearts into _____________________ with Christ, and our lives into _____________________ with His work, the _____________________ that fell on the disciples on the day of Pentecost _____________________ on us." (697:4-698:0)

11. "The _____________________ did not ask for a blessing for _____________________. They were _____________________ with the burden of _____________________. The gospel was to be carried to the _____________________ of the earth, and they _____________________ the endowment of power that Christ had promised. Then it was that the _____________________ was poured out, and _____________________ were converted in a day." (699:1)

12. "The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the _____________________ is looked forward to as in the _____________________; but it is the privilege of the church to have it _____________________. Seek for it, pray for it, believe for it. We must have it, and Heaven is waiting to bestow it."(701:2)

13. "It is our work _____________________ to _____________________ our souls to Christ, that we may be fitted for the time of _____________________ the _____________________ of the Lord--fitted for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. . . ." (702:0)

14. What will happen when the angels loose the winds of strife? (704:1)


15. "At the present time, when the end of all things earthly is rapidly _____________________, _____________________ is putting forth desperate efforts to _____________________ the world. He is devising many _____________________ to occupy minds, and to divert attention from the truths essential to _____________________. . . ." (705:3)

16. "Among _____________________ inhabitants, _____________________ in every land, there are those who have not _____________________ the knee to Baal. Like the stars of heaven, which appear only at night, these faithful ones will _____________________ when darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people. . . . The darker the _____________________, the more brilliantly will they _____________________." (706:4-707:0)

17. "The work is soon _____________________. The members of the church militant who have proved _____________________ will become the church _____________________." (707:1)

18. Our General, who never makes a mistake, is still telling us to do what? (707:2)


C. For meditation.

1. Like the early disciples, do I have a passionate zeal to tell others the story of redemption?

2. Am I willing to completely yield my life to Christ today?

3. Do I desire with all my heart to be a part of the church triumphant? If so, am I at present a militant member?


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