Study Guide: Early Writings

By: Ellen G. White

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Early Writings is a combination of three early publications by Ellen G. White. First united in one book in 1882, they are as follows:

1. A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Mrs. E. G. White.

This is a reprint of her first book, published in 1851, with two of her early dreams and a dream of William Miller added.

2. Supplement to Christian Experience and Views, first published in 1854.

This supplement provides explanations of some of the statements in her 1851 book, as well as additional brief articles on selected topics.

3. Spiritual Gifts, Volume 1. The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels.

First published in 1858, this book constitutes the first brief account of the great controversy, based on a vision given to her that year. Ellen White later expanded this subject greatly into what we know today as the five volumes of the Conflict of the Ages, including the fifth volume entitled The Great Controversy.

As this book is studied, there are some facts to consider. Perhaps obvious to the reader from the beginning is that the books were written in the 1850s before there was a Seventh-day Adventist Church and before any formal organization had been made. There were only a few hundred Sabbathkeeping Adventists. When Ellen White talks about nominal Adventists in this book, she is talking about other Millerite Adventists who did not follow along in the advancing light of the Sabbath and a changed understanding of the heavenly sanctuary.

There are some rather striking points that might be noted as you read through this book. There will be repeated references, for example, to visions--some by date and others in general terms. This reflects the fact that the book was prepared for Adventists who knew about Ellen White's visions and generally accepted them as from the Lord. Later on, when Ellen White prepared her books for a more general audience, most of the references to visions were eliminated.

Another striking point is that Ellen White constantly is referring to the actions of heavenly beings. She sees both Satan and his angels and Christ and the loyal angels in conflict, while events are taking place on earth. Actually, this conflict is reflected in the full title of the first printing of this volume: The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels.

One of the most important contributions that Ellen White has made in her writing of the controversy story is to provide the perspective of knowing what is going on behind the scenes while history is unfolding on earth. Her purpose in writing the controversy story is not so much to write a secular, or even a religious, history, as it is to provide an understanding of the controversy between good and evil and its final outcome.

In effect, this is what the Bible also does for us. Ellen White writes:

"In the annals of human history, the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appear as if dependent on the will and prowess of man; the shaping of events seems, to a great degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice. But in the Word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, above, behind, and through all the play and counterplay of human interest and power and passions, the agencies of the All-merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will" (Prophets and Kings, pp. 499, 500).

Throughout this study guide, other background notes will be included. These will help to provide context for the counsel given. For further background material, look carefully at the Preface of Early Writings, prepared by the Trustees of the Ellen G. White Publications, and James White's Preface to the first edition of Experience and Views.

May you find in the study of these early writings of Ellen White an inspiration for commitment and preparation for the soon return of Christ.

The Board of Trustees

of the Ellen G. White Estate


1. Ellen White was converted at age __________, was baptized when she was ______ years old, and first heard William Miller preach at the age of _____. (11)

2. What unfulfilled duty caused deep despair to young Ellen? (11)


3. In Ellen's dream, who are represented by the company of happy people seated before the Lamb? (79)


4. In Ellen's second dream, what did she have to leave at the door before going in to see Jesus? (80)


5. How did Jesus' presence affect her? (80)


6. In this dream, the green cord represented _____________________. (81)

7. When Ellen finally prayed in public meeting, how was she affected mentally? Physically? (12)


8. How was Ellen White's family treated by the church of which they were members? (13)


9. Under what circumstances was Ellen given her first vision in December, 1844? (13)


10. After her first vision, Ellen said she tried to bring back a _____________________, _____________________, and a _____________________ from the heavenly Canaan. (14)

11. Where did Ellen see the Advent people in her dream? (14)


12. The bright light behind the Advent people on the path was the _____________________. (14)

13. How only were the Advent people able to stay on the path? (15)


14. What did the voice of God announce? (15)


15. What three things were written on the foreheads of the 144,000? (15)


16. Describe the cloud that appeared and how it changed. What did it represent? (15)



17. Review details of the description of Jesus as Ellen saw Him. (16)


18. How long will it take for the righteous to ascend to the sea of glass when Christ returns? (16)


19. What is unusual about the appearance of the tree of life in heaven? (17)


20. What happened when the saved tried to recall their greatest trials? (17)


21. Review the descriptions of the following: The city. Flowers. The grass. The beasts. The woods. (18)


22. What was the meaning of the red border on the garments of a company Ellen met? (18, 19)


23. Review the description of the table prepared in heaven. (19)


24. Why was Ellen refused the opportunity of eating of the fruit of the tree of life? (19, 20)


25. How did Ellen react to the world after she came out of this vision? (20)


26. A week after the first vision, what message was given to Ellen in another vision? What was her reaction? (20)


27. How did the Lord promise to keep Ellen White from exaltation or pride? (21)


28. Some claimed Ellen's visions came through mesmerism (hypnotism). Later when she was given a vision and she resisted it, thinking it might be mesmerism, what happened? (21, 22)


29. What was Ellen White shown in vision regarding the two fanaticisms in Maine, and how was her counsel received? (22)


30. What promise was given to Ellen when she was caught in a violent storm? (23)


31. Ellen was given 50 texts in vision at this time. Review these briefly. Do you see evidence of their being a basis for future beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church? (24-31)


1. In a vision given in 1847, what articles of furniture did Ellen see in the holy place of heaven's temple? (32)


2. What furniture did she see in the Most Holy Place in heaven's temple? (32)


3. Who was in the Most Holy Place, and what was He doing? (32)


4. List the three objects that Ellen saw inside the ark. (32)


5. What was unusual about the appearance of the two tables of stone inside the ark? (32, 33)


6. What was she especially shown about the Sabbath? (33)


7. Ellen saw that the Sabbath would be a separating wall between what two groups? (33)


8. How does Ellen explain the time of trouble she speaks of in connection with this vision? (85)


9. Will the latter rain come before or after the seven last plagues are poured out? What is it designed to accomplish? (86)


10. When Ellen White speaks of this time of trouble, she is obviously talking about a time of trouble that will come after the close of probation and just before Christ's return. What will happen at that time when the wicked try to kill the righteous? (34)


11. Review the description of the Second Advent shown Ellen White. (35)


12. Jesus will not leave the Most Holy Place until what happens? (36)


13. When God puts on the garments of vengeance, what will happen on this earth? (36)


14. Why do the plagues enrage the wicked? (36)


15. When the decree goes out to slay the saints, this is the time of _____________________. (37)

16. Who are the company that Ellen was shown were howling in agony? (37)



17. Not everything was explained immediately to Ellen in the vision. What Bible prophet had a similar experience? (37)


18. What instructions were given to the four angels holding the four winds? (38)


19. Review the effect our actions have upon the angels. (39)


20. When Ellen traveled to other worlds, what did she notice about the physical size of the inhabitants? (40)


21. When she asked why they were more lovely than those on earth, what was the reply? (40)


22. Review her conversation with Enoch. (40)


23. What final promise did the angel give Ellen that will affect us as well? (40)


24. At what place in the heavens did Ellen White see the Holy City would come through? (41)


25. At what time in history would the commandments of God shine out with all their importance? (42)


26. When only could the present test on the Sabbath come to inhabitants of the earth? (42)


27. How will Satan use spirit manifestations of our relatives and friends to deceive in the last days? (87)


28. How may we successfully resist this delusion? (87)


29. What opportunity has the Lord given us to discover the snare regarding spiritualism? (89)


30. How does Satan use spiritualism to confuse us regarding the work of the apostles? (90)


31. How does Ellen later explain her statement that the time for salvation for sinners is past? (45)


1. Why are the temptations of Satan greater now than ever before? (46)


2. When we overcome trials, what effect does it have upon our later life? (46)


3. How are we to relate to a bitter cup that God may give us to drink? (47)


4. We must be _____________________ of Christ's _____________________ here if we would share in His _____________________. (47)


5. How can we show that we are followers of Jesus? (48)


6. What is done to rescue souls from the coming storm of wrath must be done before what happens? (48)


7. What meaning can be attached to the various symbols in William Miller's dream? (81)


8. What will keep some from singing the song of redeeming love in heaven? (50)


9. Some are to sustain the cause by strength to _____________________ and others are to sustain it by their _____________________. (50)


10. Will any of us be compelled to sacrifice? Explain your answer. (50)


11. In applying Malachi 4:1, Ellen White says that Satan is the _____________________, and his children are the _____________________. (52)


12. In later comment on the January, 1850, vision, Ellen White says that the counsel regarding means applies more to that time than later. What change in emphasis did she make later? (93)


13. How was one brother hurt by putting too much means in his hands? (93)


14. What error were those who had no property guilty of? (95)


15. How is the writing of error different from the writing of truth? (96)


16. What will finally cause the destruction, or death, of the wicked? (52)



17. The saints will sit in judgment after they are changed to _____________________ and after they receive their _____________________, their _____________________, and their _____________________. (52)

18. The book of life contains _____________________, and the book of death contains _____________________. (52)

19. At what time will Jesus stand upon the Mount of Olives again? (53)


20. The fire that comes from God at the end of the millennium will accomplish what two things? (54)


21. In vision, Ellen was told by Jesus that if she should behold the glory of the Father, she would cease to _____________________. (54)

22. How does Ellen later explain her statement that she saw the Father rise from the throne? (92)


23. How does she explain her statement that Satan appeared to be by the throne and that a company was bowed before the throne? (92)


24. When Jesus breathed upon the righteous, what was in the breath? (55)


25. When Satan breathed upon his followers, what was in it? (56)


26. Why are the saints not to lay up food for the time of trouble? (56)


27. How may the righteous know when they should dispose of houses and lands? (56)


28. How is it possible for us to keep from having a place in our foreheads for the seal of the living God? (58)


29. We are to live and act holy in reference to the _____________________. (58)

30. Rapping and mesmerism will yet be used by Satan's followers to account for what events in Christ's life? (59)


Note: The term "messengers" was early used for those who were ministers in the Advent cause. It is of interest to note that Ellen White used this term in regard to her own work as well. Though she had clear indication that she had the prophetic gift, she chose to use the title "messenger" rather than "prophet."

1. Why could not God use some would-be messengers? (62)


2. What group would be first to run before God sends them? (62)


3. What other group was apt to be urged into the field too quickly as messengers? (63)


4. What two subjects were the principle ones on which messengers should dwell? (63)


5. What would happen if messengers would wait until every obstacle is moved out of their way? (63)


6. Which commandment was given to help us to best remember our Creator? (65)


7. One who thinks to change this commandment puts himself in what position regarding God? (65)


8. In order not to receive the mark of the beast, when must we make a decision regarding the institution of the beast? (67)


9. Those who opposed the Sabbath among the Advent people at this time were some of the Millerite Adventists. This was the larger group that survived the disappointment of 1844. In contrast with this group, those who observed the Sabbath of the Bible were united in what way? (68)


10. Ellen White often refers to a scattering and a gathering time. The scattering time was the few brief years following the disappointment. Obviously, the gathering time had begun by 1850. What did she see the Lord was doing among those who claimed to be Adventists, but who were rejecting the present truth? (69)


11. What is the effect of rejecting the light of truth? (70)


12. What careless actions sometimes cause petitions to be shut out of heaven? (70)


13. Who only will receive the seal of the living God in the time of trouble? (71)



14. Are we to expect that the latter rain will fit us to stand in the day of the Lord? Explain your answer. (71)


15. What three things must not be neglected as we come up to the time of the falling of the plagues? (71)


16. Who only will share in the "refreshing"? (71)


17. What was seen as frequently being neglected by the children of the Lord? (72)


18. _____________________ is ours to exercise, but _____________________ and the _____________________ are God's to give. (72)

19. When is the very time to exercise faith? (72)


20. Who only can claim the glorious promises of the Word? (72)


21. Who are the Vine and the branches? (Compare with Question 11, Lesson 3.) (73)


22. How does Satan get away our shield of faith? (73)


23. Note again the use of the terms, "scattering and gathering times." See how these "times" are to be used. (74)


24. Why was there an error allowed in the 1843 chart? (74)


25. Why will time never be a test again after 1844? (75)


26. What is the danger in believing that it is our duty to go to Old Jerusalem and work there before the Lord comes? (75)


27. Why did Ellen White make her visions public? (76)


28. When she was tempted to soften them down, how did the Lord correct her? (76)


29. What was the lesson for Ellen from a company of people whose hair and garments were torn? (77)


30. What relation did Ellen White see between her visions and the Word of God? (78)


Note: Just preceding the disappointment, Millerite Adventists preached that the organized churches of the day were Babylon, in fulfillment of the second angel's message. It was a correct message. After 1844, however, there was a strong resistance to a new organization by many Adventists. Some considered that organization would be Babylon. Ellen White's statement on gospel order is her answer to those who opposed organization.

1. What three examples of order did Ellen White use to demonstrate that God favored organization? (97)


2. What were the results of hurrying men into the field as workers who lacked wisdom judgment? (97)


3. What were the results of men in the field who were not holy or who were unqualified to teach present truth? (97)


4. What are the problems of having only the theory of the truth? What are the problems of having only argument? (98)


5. Who are generally the ones most confident that they are called to work? (98)


6. What happens to many who receive the truth through self-sent men? (98)


7. How can the church close the door to unauthorized messengers? (100)


8. What qualification for teachers did the apostolic church consider important? (100, 101)


9. To what other men will God not entrust the care of His precious flock? (101)


10. List some qualifications the servants of God who teach should have. (102)


11. How are we to deal with those who object to our faith? (102)


12. If messengers have erred, how will confession affect the church? (103)


13. What are the advantages of messengers working two by two? (103, 104)


14. What are we to do as darkness thickens and error increases? (104, 105)


15. What counsel is given to those who keep messengers busy with their petty problems? (106)



16. Many who profess to be looking for the coming of Christ seek more earnestly the applause of __________ than the approbation of __________. (107)

17. What wrong priorities do some Adventists have? (108)


18. What counsel is given regarding vocal praise of God? (110)


19. Instead of acting out their faith, what do many professed Adventists do? (111)


20. What will be the true Christian's joy and amusement? (112)


21. What is the principal cause of many trials of those who profess the name of Christ? (113)


22. Social meetings in early Adventist history were testimony services where prayer and public testimony was given by members of the congregation. The remnant are to overcome both by the _____________________ and the _____________________. What is the problem for some? (114)

23. What counsel is given regarding prayers and testimonies at social meetings? (115)


24. What duties will help to keep the people of God humble and separate from the world? (116)


25. What is a problem for some who have just received the truth? (118)


26. By what means does God expect us to become humble? (120)


27. At this early date, what three things did Ellen White urge Adventists to eliminate? (121)


28. What words were used carelessly together by some in prayer? (122)


29. What did she see false shepherds were drunken with? (123)


30. In what kind of meetings will angels cease their watchful care over us? (125)


31. How only could the debt of man's sin be paid? (127)


32. What work was assigned to angels after Adam and Eve fell? (127)


Note: Roswell F. Cottrell, one of the early Adventist pioneers, wrote the introduction to Spiritual Gifts, Volume 1, which is in Early Writings. Because he deals with several aspects of Spiritual Gifts, it is studied in the first nine questions in this lesson.

1. Give some examples of the reappearance of spiritual gifts at the time of Christ's birth. (133)


2. Spiritual gifts are given to every man in the _____________________, not to every man in the _____________________. (133)

3. When will spiritual gifts cease? (136)


4. How did Cottrell answer objections to additional counsel from the prophetic gift after the close of Scripture? (See comments on 2 Tim. 3:16 and Rev. 22:18, 19.) (136)


5. What does the warning against false prophets in the last days suggest? (138)


6. How is the message of false prophets different from that of true prophets? (139)


7. Why didn't Jesus reject all prophesying in the last days? (139)


8. Show the inconsistency of saying spiritual gifts accomplished their object 1,800 years ago. (139)


9. Study and compare Rev. 19:10 and Rev. 22:9 relating to prophets. (143)


10. How was Satan described before he fell? (145)


11. For what reason was Satan jealous of Jesus? (145)


12. Explain why the repentance of Satan and his angels after they fell was not genuine. (146)


13. What plans was Satan making when Adam and Eve were created? (146)


14. What tactics did Satan use in bringing deception to Adam and Eve? (147)


15. How were Adam and Eve warned about Satan's plans? (147)



16. What several things did Eve do that finally led to her eating of the forbidden fruit? (147)


17. Why did Adam eat of the forbidden fruit? (148)


18. What effect did the fall of Adam and Eve have in heaven? (148)


19. What were Satan's long-range plans for Adam and Eve? (148)


20. How did the angels in heaven first react to the plan of salvation for the human race? (149)


21. What would be the part of the angels in the plan of salvation? (150)


22. When the angels finally understood the plan of salvation, what was their response? (151)


23. In addition to their work of strengthening Christ, what were the angels to do for fallen human beings? (152)


24. How is Satan described at the present time? (152)


25. Why did the smile of Satan cause Ellen White to tremble? (153)


1. Note the activity of heavenly angels at the time of the birth of Christ. (153)


2. How was the humblest disciple greater than John the Baptist? (155)


3. Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Explain. (155)


4. Why did Christ have nothing to do with convincing Satan of His power and of His being the Saviour of the world? (156)


5. What did Satan try to show by carrying Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple at Jerusalem? (156)


6. What presumption did Satan try to get Jesus to indulge by casting Himself down? (156)


7. When only should we call upon the Lord to display His power? (156)


8. Why was it a temptation to Jesus when Satan asked Him to bow down and worship him? (157)


9. After unsuccessful temptation of Christ, how did Satan tempt Christ's nation? Find an example. (158, 159)


10. If there had been but __________ who would have accepted Jesus, He would have carried out the plan of salvation. (159)


11. How did Jesus begin His work? (159)


12. What effect did Jesus have upon those who were sent to bring Him before the Jewish rulers? (160)


13. Why did the magistrates and elders who believed on Jesus not acknowledge their belief? (161)


14. What two groups of people were represented by Elijah and Moses at the Mount of Transfiguration? (162)


15. Why does God often bring His people into difficult, or straight, places? (163)



16. When Moses came down from the mount, why was it wrong for him to throw down the tables of stone? (163)


17. What special promise of Jesus was fulfilled at the transfiguration? (164)


18. Why did Judas urge that Mary's ointment be sold and given to the poor? (165)


19. What did the Jewish rulers want to do with Lazarus after his resurrection? (166)


20. What really led Judas to betray his Lord? (166)


21. For what purpose were the disciples to remain awake in the garden? (167)


22. Jesus told Judas that 12 legions of angels could come at His call. How did this affect the waiting angels in heaven? How were they affected when Jesus said that Scripture must be fulfilled? (168)


23. How were the angels affected by the suffering of Christ when He was betrayed? (169)


24. What did Satan hope to accomplish by the mockery and violence he instigated regarding Christ? (169)


25. What did Jesus do at His trial that finally converted Peter? (169)


26. What events in their acquaintance with Christ helped the disciples to go through their bitter disappointment after His crucifixion? (171)


27. Judas had loved _____________________, but he had loved _____________________ more. (171)

28. How did the angels of heaven try to save Pilot from delivering Christ to be crucified? (173)


29. Why did Jesus refuse to work a miracle for Herod? (174)


30. How did the appearance and words of Jesus during His trial later affect many who were witnesses? (174)


Note the activities of both good and evil angels seen by Ellen White in vision. This lesson has several illustrations.

1. Contrast the activity of angels at the crucifixion of Christ with their activity at His birth. (175)


2. What were Satan's conflicting feelings as Christ went through the process of trial and crucifixion? (176)


3. What was the last lesson of Jesus as He hung upon the cross? (177)


4. What was the subject of the council Satan had with his angels after the death of Christ? (178)


5. Who will eventually bear the punishment of the redeemed? Who will suffer the penalty for those who do not accept salvation? (178)


6. What marks will Christ carry throughout eternity? (179)


7. Why did Joseph of Arimathaea get the body of Christ privately? (180)


8. Review the activity of the heavenly angels and Satan's angels while Christ was in the tomb. Also His resurrection. (181, 182)


9. What group were raised from their graves when Christ was resurrected? (184)


10. What did the resurrected ones do after they were raised? (184)


11. Review the reactions of those who had something to do with the crucifixion of Christ, after He was resurrected. (185)


12. Why was Mary the first to see the resurrected Christ? (187)


13. If all related to the resurrection as Thomas did, how many would believe? (188)


14. Where are Satan's efforts focused after Christ's return to heaven? (189)


15. Review Christ's reception when He returned to heaven. (190)



16. Who were included in the group that witnessed the ascension of Christ from this earth? (191)


17. When Christ died, what did the priests expect would cease? (192)


18. Contrast Peter's experience before and after the crucifixion of Christ. (193)


19. What effect did the mighty works wrought by the apostles have upon the Jewish leaders? (195)


20. What was the attitude of the apostles when they suffered persecution? (196)


21. What special work have angels of God been given regarding truth? (196)


22. What did the priests hire men to do regarding Stephen? (197)


23. The Jews worshiped the _____________________ more than they did _____________________. (198)

24. Compare Stephen's attitude toward his murderers with that of Christ toward His murderers. (199)


25. Compare the experience of Ananias with that of Peter in Acts 10. (200)


26. Why were the other disciples afraid of Paul when he tried to join himself to them at Jerusalem? (202)


27. What was Satan's object in getting the woman with the spirit of divination to praise Paul and Silas? (203)


28. Why wouldn't Paul leave the prison privately? (205)


29. How did some people try to destroy the influence of Paul's letters? (206)


30. How would you describe Paul's preaching? (207)


31. What was the double meaning of the rending of the veil of the temple in two at the crucifixion of Christ? (209)


32. What symbolic meaning can be attached to the blood and water that came from the side of Jesus when He was pierced on the cross? (209)


1. What result was attained by the suffering and persecution of the saints? (210)


2. What did the professed conversion of idolaters bring into the church? (211)


3. What is the lesson of the two groups with banners? (211)


4. What terrible curse has continued to follow the Jews to this day? (212)


5. Will any Jews be saved? Explain. (213)


6. What presumptuous position have popes and priests taken regarding sin? (213)


7. How was the knowledge of the truths of the Bible preserved when only a few copies were available? (214)


8. Satan was willing that those who professed faith in Jesus would believe that the Jewish sacrifices ceased at the death of Christ if he could get them to believe what further idea? (215)


9. Why did Satan try to change only one of the commandments? (216)


10. What are the memorials of the death of Christ? His resurrection? (217)


11. How long will the Sabbath be observed? (217)


12. When did Satan give his first lesson upon the immortality of the soul? (218)


13. By getting us to believe that the sinner lives in eternal misery, what false idea about God does Satan attempt to perpetuate? (219)


14. List two other false ideas about God that Satan has fostered. (219)


15. How has God made it possible for us to arm ourselves against the deceptions and lying wonders of Satan in the last days? (220)


16. When copies of the Bible were few, why did learned men in some instances change the words? (220)



17. Can we still trust the Bible? (221)


18. How would unrepentant sinners feel about being in heaven? (221)


19. What group does Satan look upon with great satisfaction? (221)


20. At what time was the church of God pure? (222)


21. Discuss and explain Luther's transition from darkness to light. (223)


22. How did Luther and Melanchthon work better together than apart? (224)


23. What two apostles illustrate the same point? (224)


24. What will accepting the truth do for those who are timid? (226)


25. When Satan found that persecution did not work well, what did he lead the church to do? (226)


26. How might the church today continue to see miracles performed? (227)


27. Satan and his angels fully believe that Christ is the Saviour of the world. Why does this not help them? (227)


28. Can genuine Christians expect to be honored by the world? Explain. (228)


1. Compare how angels accompanied William Miller in his mission as they did John the Baptist. (230-232)


2. Why did God lead Miller and others to proclaim the time in 1843? (232)


3. What was the result wherever the message of time was preached? (232)


4. What was the real reason that many objected to a definite time for the second coming of Christ? (233)


5. When people were roused by Miller's message, what did false shepherds preach? (234)


6. What did the opposition of professed Christians to the preaching of the second coming of Christ really show? (235)


7. Why did the hand of God cover a mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic period? (235)


8. There were two groups who looked for the coming of Christ. Who were they, and what was their reaction at disappointment? (235)


9. Who were the first to ridicule the sorrowful, disappointed ones? (236)


10. What were the faithful disappointed ones led to do after the first disappointment? (236)


11. Those who preached the message of Christ's second coming were prepared to receive what later message? (237)


12. What was the midnight cry? (238)


13. This work did not stand in the _____________________ and _____________________ of men, but in the _____________________ of God. (238)

14. To what Bible experience is the disappointment of the Millerites compared? (240)


15. What is the meaning of the following symbols in "The Advent Movement Illustrated": The companies. Cords that bound them together. Men passing through with pleasing words. A cloud that passed over. Breaking the cords. (240-242)



16. What were the waiting companies correct in? What was their mistake? (243)


17. How was the disappointment resolved for 1) the disciples who came to the sepulcher, 2) the disappointed Millerites? (244)


18. Which was the greater of the disappointments--that of the Millerites or of the disciples? (245)


19. How are different ones affected by the light of the angel who comes to prepare for the second coming of Christ? (245)


20. How did the first disappointment in 1843 affect the majority of the Millerites? (247)


21. Compare the experience of Elisha with those who looked for the second coming of Christ at the time of Miller. (247, 248)


22. What did those who rejected and opposed the light of the first angel's message lose? (249)


23. What door did Jesus close in 1844? What door did He open? (250)


24. What took place in heaven at the close of the prophetic period in 1844? (251)


25. What represents the prayers of God's people in the heavenly sanctuary? (252)


26. How do the sanctuary in heaven and earth compare? (252)


27. Contrast the work of the priests in the earthly sanctuary with that of Christ in heaven regarding the offering of the sacrifice. (253)


28. When did the earthly priest enter the most holy place to cleanse it? When did Jesus enter the most holy of heaven's sanctuary to cleanse it? (253)


1. When Jesus moved into the holiest of heaven's sanctuary, what message was sent to the world? (254)


2. What two groups are included in the judgment that is going on at the present time? (254)


3. As Jesus opened the door to the most holy, what light was seen? (254)


4. What is special about the fourth commandment on the tables of stone in heaven's ark? (255)


5. Why is it important to understand the three angels' messages in their order? (256)


6. Why did Miller not accept the third angel's message and the commandments of God? (257)


7. Why was William Miller allowed to be laid in the grave? (258)


8. What promise do we have regarding his grave? (258)


9. What benefit was lost by those who rejected the testimony of John the Baptist? (259)


10. How is the rejection of John the Baptist parallel to the Advent movement of our time? (260)


11. What was Ellen White shown regarding honest ones among nominal Adventists and the fallen churches? (261)


12. Describe the power Satan has relating to our dead relatives. (262)


13. How can we be saved from being deluded by spiritualism and supposed contact with the dead? (262)


14. For what purpose does Satan assign the role of apostles to some of his angels? The role of infidels to others? (264)


15. Satan substitutes _____________________ in place of the Bible. (265)

16. Satan makes the Saviour of the world to be no more than a _____________________. (265)



17. Satan lays his snares especially for what group? (266)


18. What is one of Satan's most effective snares? (266)


19. What work does Satan especially try to do to ministers? (267)


20. How much did Judas prize his Lord? (268)


21. How does Satan taunt the heavenly angels regarding those who are professing to be Christ's followers? (268)


22. When does God become weary of us? (268)


23. Every _____________________ person will fall out by the way. (269)


24. During the shaking, what are evil angels doing? What are angels of God doing? (269)


25. What was Ellen White shown would be the means of shaking God's people? (270)


26. Who will especially be shaken out and left by the way? (271)


27. What will happen to their places in the ranks of the church? (271)


28. What will be the effect of the outpouring of the latter rain upon those who receive it? (271)


29. How will the zeal and power of the people of God affect the wicked or unbelievers? (272)


1. What has happened in the church since the second angel's message has been proclaimed? (273)


2. What two things are hateful to the carnal heart? (273)


3. How will the spirit of persecution be awakened in the last days? (274)


4. What contradiction can be seen among those who are holding other human beings in slavery? (275)


5. What will God do with those slaves who have been held in ignorance and degradation? (276)


6. What is the message of the mighty angel that follows the third angel? (277)


7. This message joins the third angel's message, even as the _____________________ joined the _____________________ angel's message in 1844. (277)

8. What did Ellen White see the servants of God doing in the last days? (278, 279)


9. The precious were hurried out of the doomed churches as _____________________ was hurried out of _____________________ before her destruction. (279)

10. When Jesus will move out of the most holy place, how will this affect human beings on this earth? (280)


11. Over which group will Satan obtain entire control? (280)


12. What happens while Jesus tarries a moment at the end of His work in the heavenly sanctuary? (280, 281)


13. When Jesus lays off His priestly attire, what does He put on? (281)


14. What two reactions come upon the wicked who begin receiving the plagues? (281)


15. What kind of famine will there be in the land at that time? (281)


16. What happens among families who are finally included among the wicked? (282)


17. Which group suffers tenfold greater that the rest of the wicked? (282)



18. What will angels provide for the righteous while the wicked are going through the time of trouble? (282)


19. When the decree goes forth for the righteous to be executed, what unusual help will be given them? (283)


20. Why will God not allow the wicked to destroy any of those who are expecting translation? (284)


21. When God chooses to deliver His people, what happens in the physical, or natural, world? (285)


22. What special group will be raised at this time? (285)


23. Review the second coming of Christ, His appearance, and the order of events. (286)


24. How will the righteous be different in appearance when they are resurrected from when they died? (287)


25. Who will bring the crowns for the righteous, and Who will place them on our heads? (288)


26. Where will Jesus lead the righteous? (289)


27. After the saints have been delivered, where do the wicked turn their rage? (290)


28. Where will Satan make his home for a thousand years? How will he be limited? (290)


29. At the end of one thousand years, where does the heavenly city finally settle? (291)


30. Contrast the appearance of the wicked at their resurrection with the righteous when they are raised. (292)


31. What unusual response will the wicked give to the return of Christ to the earth? (292)


32. What kinds of activity are taken up by the resurrected wicked? (293)


33. The same fire that destroys the _____________________ will _____________________ the earth. (295)


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