Issues & Answers Regarding Inspiration
and the Life and Work of Ellen G. White
Basic Principles Regarding the Messages of Ellen G. White

Questions and Answers About Ellen G. White

Comments Regarding Unusual Statements Found in Ellen G. White's Writings

Statements Mistakenly Attributed to Ellen G. White

Reference Library of Selected Issues

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Basic Principles Regarding the Messages of Ellen G. White
How Does God Speak? The Nature of Revelation/Inspiration
Ellen G. White's Understanding of How God Speaks
The Dynamics of Inspiration
Reference Library: Inspiration/Revelation: What It Is and How It Works
How Should We Interpret the Message? Hermeneutics, or Interpreting the Writings of Ellen G. White
Some Principles for Correctly Interpreting the Writings of Ellen G. White
Reference Library: Basic Rules of Interpretation--Internal & External
How Do Ellen G. White's Writings Relate to the Bible? The Authority of Ellen G. White's Writings
Ellen G. White's Understanding of How Her Writings Relate to Scripture
The Seventh-day Adventist Church's Understanding of Ellen G. White's Authority
Reference Library: The Relationship Between the Ellen G. White Writings and the Bible
What Are Ellen G. White's Writings All About?
Summary of Ellen G. White's Major Themes
Reference Library: Ellen G. White's Integrative Themes

Questions and Answers About Ellen G. White
Ellen G. White's Life and Ministry
Ellen G. White and Seventh-day Adventist Church Membership
Ellen G. White's Siblings and Family
Ellen G. White's Visions
The "Big Bible"
Ellen G. White and Israel Dammon
Ellen G. White's Financial Affairs
Ellen G. White's Practice Regarding Vegetarianism
Ellen G. White's Writings
Ellen G. White and "The Bible and the Bible Only"
Ellen G. White's Literary Productions
The Role of Ellen G. White's Literary Assistants
The Plagiarism Charge
Ellen G. White's Teachings
The Use of Different Bible Versions
The Godhead
The Age of the Earth
The "Seventh Millennium Theory" and Time-setting
The Ellen G. White Estate

Comments Regarding Unusual Statements
Found in Ellen G. White's Writings


Statements Taken Out of Context
"Never say or feel that you are saved"
"I am not a prophet"
Unusual Statements Regarding Scientific Issues
Amalgamation of Man and Beast
Astronomical Statements
Death from Cosmetics
Wasp Waists
Wigs and Insanity
Unfulfilled Predictions?
England to Declare War Against the United States?
Jerusalem Never to be Rebuilt?
Some in 1856 Alive When Jesus Returns?
Alleged Historical Errors
Apparent Discrepancies and Contradictions
"The Shut Door"
Miscellaneous Statements
The Apocrypha
Extra-Biblical Descriptions
God's Love of Erring Children
God's Providence in the 1843 Prophetic Chart Mistake
Some Slaves Not Resurrected

Statements Mistakenly Attributed to
Ellen G. White
Testimonies Dependent Entirely Upon Memory
Sabbath Meal at Another Planet
Authorship of Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation
Identity of Melchizedek
Mountain Hideouts for Time of Trouble
Work to Close Up First in the South
An Association of Ideas
Status of Students in School Preparing for the Lord's Work
Legalized Liquor and Sunday Laws
Specific Targets of Impending Disaster
Excerpts Taken Out of Their Setting
Events at Midnight
Eggs Upon Your Table
Ellen G. White and the 144,000
Writings Falsely Attributed
Sign Indicating Close of Probation
Angels Rearranging Environments and Changing Circumstances
Last Mediatorial Work of Christ
Counsel on Planning and Living
Importance of the Study on the Question of the 144,000
Prayer is the Answer to Every Problem of Life
Seventh-day Adventists Urged to Leave the United States
Using Testimonies in the Pulpit
Pure Fiction
Apostasy of Seventh-day Adventist Churches or Conferences
Attitudes Toward Elders Jones and Waggoner
The Loud Cry Message Rejected
Political Party or Family Name of Last President of the United States
France and Religious Liberty

Reference Library

The materials included in the Reference Library represent the viewpoints of the various authors cited. While the Ellen G. White Estate views these materials as helpful contributions to the topics under consideration, we do not necessarily endorse all of the ideas and positions held by the authors.

God, Revelation, and Inspiration
"Inspiration/Revelation: What It Is and How It Works," by Roger W. Coon
Correctly Interpreting the Writings of Ellen G. White
"Basic Rules of Interpretation--Internal and External," by Herbert E. Douglass
The Relationship Between the Ellen G. White Writings and the Bible
"Inspiration/Revelation: What It Is and How It Works, Part 3," by Roger W. Coon
Who Was Ellen G. White?
"A Brief Biography," by Arthur L. White
Major Themes in Ellen G. White's Writings
"Meeting Ellen White, Part Three: Ellen White's Integrative Themes," by George R. Knight
Unusual Statements References (Full Length Articles)
"Amalgamation: Ellen G. White Statements Regarding Conditions at the Time of the Flood," by Francis D. Nichol
"The Gathering of Israel: A Historical Study of Early Writings, pp. 74-76," by Julia Neuffer
"The Predictions of the 1856 Vision," by Francis D. Nichol
Shut Door Articles
"Open and Shut Door," Article from the Seventh-day Adventist Encyclopedia
"The 'Shut Door' Documents," by Robert W. Olson
Advent Experience. Ten Review and Herald articles by George I. Butler, recording the beginnings of the Advent movement.
Additional Articles on Ellen G. White's Use of Literary Sources
"The Truth About The White Lie," by the Staff of the Ellen G. White Estate
"The Ramik Report: Memorandum of Law; Literary Property Rights 1790-1915," by Attorney Vincent L. Ramik
Responses to Representations Made in the Video "Seventh-day Adventism, the Spirit Behind the Church"
Suggested Sources for Responding to Representations Made in the Video "Seventh-day Adventism, the Spirit Behind the Church," by the Staff of the Ellen G. White Estate and the Biblical Research Institute
"Heritage Sabbath" Resources
Resources for October 21, 2000.
Resources for October 20, 2001.
Additional Documents on Selected Issues
Ark of the Covenant, Will It Be Found? A statement examining what Ellen White has written concerning the hidden tables of the law.
By R. L. Odom.
Can All Be Prophets? Ellen White statements bearing on the question.
Charismatic Experiences in Early Seventh-day Adventist History. A reprint of twelve articles published in the Review and Herald.
By Arthur L. White.
Charismatic Experiences in the Seventh-day Adventist Church: Present and Future. George E. Rice gives experiences and warnings of the past, present, and future regarding charismatic phenomena.
Christmas, Ellen G. White Statements Regarding Holiday Gifts and the Observance of.
Clean and Unclean Meats, The Development of Adventist Thinking on. By Ron Graybill.
Common or Uninspired Writings. By Arthur L. White.
Compilations--What They Are and What They Are Not. An examination of how Ellen White's books were written during her lifetime and how they are put together today.
By Norma Collins.
Conflicts in the Last Days. A collection of statements by Mrs. White about disasters and conflicts near the close of time, with perspective on what these things mean.
Desire of Ages, How it was Written. A collection of source documents relating to the writing of The Desire of Ages.
By R. W. Olson and R. Graybill.
Doctrinal Development, Authority, and Ellen White. By Paul A. Gordon.
Dramatic Productions in Seventh-day Adventist Institutions. A statement reviewing the Ellen White counsel touching on dramatized programs. By Arthur L. White.
Great Controversy, W. W. Prescott and the 1911 Edition. The story of W. W. Prescott's suggestions relating to the revision of The Great Controversy in 1911.
Great Controversy, The 1911 Edition of. An explanation of the involvement of the 1911 revision.
How Ellen White's Books Were Written. Addresses by W. C. White to the faculty and students of the 1935 Advanced Bible School.
Indebtedness of Mrs. E. G. White. The reasons for Ellen White's financial indebtedness, how it was liquidated, and whether her practice was in harmony with her teachings.
Prepared by W. C. White and D. E. Robinson.
Integrity of the Testimonies to the Church, The. W.C. White's Statements made at College View, Nebraska, Sabbath Morning November 25, 1905.
Military Service, The Spirit of Prophecy and. A statement tracing the influence of the Spirit of Prophecy in the development of Seventh-day Adventist attitudes toward military service.
Prepared by W. C. White, D. E. Robinson, and Arthur White.
One Hundred and Forty-four Thousand, Counsels Regarding the Question of.
Prescott, W. W., Letter of April 1915 to W. C. White. A review of circumstances surrounding a letter written by W. W. Prescott to W. C. White regarding Ellen White’s book production.
Reform Dress. The D. E. Robinson statement concerning the reform dress. Taken from The Story of Our Health Message.
Tithe, The History and Use of the. All the materials on tithing brought together into one document.
1. Tithing System, Highlights of the Beginning of the
2. Tithe, Ellen White Comments on the Use of Tithe Funds
3. Tithe, Mrs. Ellen G. White and the
4. Appendix A: "The Use of the Tithe," by Ellen G. White
5. Appendix B: "Gospel Finance: Pulling Together . . . . Where should I pay my tithe?" by Frank Holbrook
Urgent Need for Evangelizing Cities. Ellen G. White's call for action to evangelize the cities.
Versions, The Ellen G. White Counsel on. A statement regarding Ellen White's use of various English translations of the Bible.
By Arthur L. White.
Visions of Ellen G. White, The. W. C. White statements regarding Ellen White and her work.
Vote--Shall I Exercise the Right to? A reprint of a series of Review and Herald articles.