Heritage Sabbath, October 20, 2001

Children's Story


For many years Jesus sent messages to His children here on earth through His messenger, Mrs. Ellen G. White. Sometimes Jesus even sent messages to children. Once he sent a special message to Mrs. White's granddaughter, Ella Mae. She was only 14 years old at the time.

One night when Ella came home from school she was very tired and discouraged. Her mother had to spend so much time taking care of her new twin baby brothers that much of the housework had become Ella's responsibility. Consequently, Ella always seemed tired. And she never had enough time to study.

Tearfully Ella prayed, "Dear Jesus, please help me. Please take away my unhappy feelings and give me peace." But she still didn't feel any better. It seemed to her that Jesus wasn't near her, and that He didn't hear her prayers. Finally Ella fell asleep feeling very sad and lonely.

A day or two later Grandma White’s carriage stopped at the front door of Ella's home. Grandma told Ella's father to call the family together, for she had come with a special message just for them. She also asked Ella's mother to have one of their helpers take care of the twins. Grandma White wanted Ella and her sister Mabel to pay attention to every word and not be distracted by the babies. Mrs. White took out of her bag the message that she had written that very morning and began to read.

Jesus had come to Mrs. White during the night and had spoken to her in a vision. He told her that there was too much noise and confusion in their home. She was also shown that they forgot to think about God and to ask His blessing as they did their study and work. They should make more time for Bible study and prayer. As they went about their work they were to remember that it was the same as if they were doing it for Jesus.

Grandma White told Ella and Mabel that their mother needed their help, and that they should be faithful in doing their chores. She told them they should respect their mother and obey her when they were asked to do something. Boys and girls should learn to respect and obey their parents because it is helping them to get ready for heaven.

Ella was told that she needed to set a good example for her little sister by being like Jesus. She was told that she should be willing to do her home chores. If she saw something that needed to be done she should do it without being asked. She was also told that she should keep her room neat and clean, as well as the kitchen.

These were the very things that Ella didn't like to do, and she certainly didn't like hearing about them right in front of the whole family. Interrupting her grandmother, Ella asked, "Did the angel say all those things, or did you think of them yourself as you were writing?"

Patiently Grandma replied, "The angel talked with me in the night; I then got out of bed and dressed and wrote down the messages that were given to me for you."

Grandma White also told Ella that she should put her books away when it was time to do chores, and that she should not study until her chores were done. She reminded Ella that by obeying her mother, and doing her chores promptly and neatly, she was being a missionary. She was being like Jesus. To Him, even little jobs in the kitchen are important The Bible tells us that when we are faithful in doing the least important things it will help us to be true and faithful in the most important things.

"We are told not to be discouraged," Grandma continued, "Angels are watching to see how they can help us become more like Jesus."

Ella didn't like the message that Jesus had given to Grandma White for her. She ran upstairs to her room, buried her face in her pillow and cried and cried. "Why do I have to sweep and scrub and wash dishes?" she sobbed. "I need time for studying."

And then suddenly she remembered her prayer that Jesus would help her and take away her bad feelings. Was this His answer? Had Jesus heard the cry of a young girl and sent an angel with the answer to her prayer? Yes. Jesus had heard her. He did love her! He had sent His angel to give a message to her grandmother just for her telling her how she could be better because He loved her.

Now Ella began to cry again, but this time it was because she was sorry. She wiped her tears away and went scurrying down to the kitchen. Because she had been feeling so stubborn and cranky she had hidden a sticky saucepan behind the stove. As soon as she was sure no one was looking, Ella got it and gave it a good cleaning. It had never shone so brightly before! Then she looked around the kitchen and straightened things up here and there. She even used some of her new-found energy to scrub the stains from the wooden table. My, how much better she felt!

Ella repeated the words, "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much." From now on she would to do every chore as faithfully and carefully as if she could look up and see Jesus standing there, watching lovingly as she did her work.

—Adapted from Over My Shoulder, by Ella White Robinson.

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