Suggested Program for Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath, October 26, 2002

1. Opening Hymn (stories):
"Rejoice, the Lord Is King" (SDAH 221)
(Alternate hymn) "O God, Our Help" (CH 81; SDAH 103)

2. Responsive Reading: "Guidance" (SDAH 802; CH 604)

3. Children's Story: "What Happened at a Funeral"

4. Sermon: "Surviving the Age of Gullibility"
By Dr. Reuel Almocera

5. Closing Hymn (stories):
"Great Is Thy Faithfulness" (SDAH 100)
(Alternate hymn) "He Leadeth Me" (CH 393; SDAH 537)


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SDAH = Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal

CH = Church Hymnal

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