Spirit of Prophecy Day Story

Strength to Do the Impossible

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Have you ever tried writing with your opposite hand? If you are right-handed, try writing with your left hand some time. Left-handed boys and girls, you try writing with your right hand when you get a chance. Chances are you’ll have a tough time writing as neatly as you do with your dominant hand.
What if something miraculous happened and you could suddenly write as neatly with your opposite hand as you do with your dominant hand? Would that amaze you? It sure amazed a girl named Ellen when a similar miracle happened to her.
              Nine year-old Ellen, her twin sister Elizabeth, and a friend ran as fast as they could.  From time to time the terrified girls glanced over their shoulders nervously to see if the girl chasing them had given up yet. Unfortunately for them, she had not. Ellen and Elizabeth had followed the advice of their parents who always warned them to avoid arguments, and to hurry home if a disagreement grew tense.
              As they fled, Ellen turned around to see how far the older girl was, the one who had been angrily chasing them. Just then a stone thrown by the girl hit her in the face, breaking several bones in her face and nose. Young Ellen’s life would be changed forever.
 Ellen Harmon— known today as Ellen White, after marrying James White—was never quite the same after that devastating accident. For weeks she was very ill and many of her family and friends thought she was going to die. Even her doctors did not believe she would live. However, to their surprise Ellen lived, but she never completely regained her health. Horribly scarred from the accident and feeling weak all the time, Ellen became very sad and discouraged.
When she was well enough to go back to school, Ellen discovered another problem: she could not write well anymore. Her hand trembled badly and she had trouble holding her pencil. Forming neat letters was nearly impossible—no matter how hard she tried. After a few words she would have to give up writing altogether. Although she was right-handed, her handwriting was so bad that it looked like she had been writing with her left hand. Ellen kept trying, but eventually, when she was 12, her teacher suggested that she drop out of school due to her health problems and her inability to write. The teacher believed that she would never be able to write well again, but God had big plans for Ellen and her writing.
              Five years later God gave Ellen a special message and told her to share what she had been told with others. She was also told to write down the message. Ellen knew that she couldn’t write well, but she didn’t know yet that when God asks us to do something, He also gives us the strength to do it. God told her that her right hand would be strengthened so that she could write down the message He had for His people.
After God had spoken to her, Ellen discovered to her amazement that she could write without becoming tired! Her hand was steady and she had no trouble forming letters. God did as He had promised. He gave her strength to do what seemed impossible.
The girl who was injured that fateful day went on to write thousands of pages during her lifetime! Remember, if God asks you to do something for Him, no matter what challenges you face, He will give you strength to overcome them and do His will.