Other recommended religious resources

You should always have a Bible nearby when you read. Guess what, there are electronic Bibles available to use alongside your new eBooks.

Bibles available for PalmOS

  1. Laridian: MyBible pick*
  2. Olivetree: BibleReader (free)
  3. Skimware: MarkMyScriptures

Comment from a PalmOS user: "I have used MyBible ever since I got my first Palm years ago and I still love it! It is amazingly fast (even when I store the Bible files on my expansion card) and it displays its search results with the surrounding words, like a concordance lookup. When I compared the available options, nothing let me look up references or search as quickly as MyBible. Even though it isn't free, I had to choose it."

Other helpful PalmOS applications

  1. Laridian: Memorize - Can import verses directly from MyBible. Review and Test Modes (you write in the first letter of each word) and yes, there is the option for hints (I use them).

Bibles available for PocketPC

  1. Laridian: PocketBible pick*
  2. Olivetree: BibleReader (free)
  3. Skimware: MarkMyScriptures
  4. SlSoftware: CEBible

Comment from a PocketPC user: "For me the determining factor was the ability to add personal notes. Of the PocketPC apps available, only PocketBible currently offers this. I like being able to compare some of the older versions (that are free) so I keep a copy of BibleReader installed as well."

Note for expansion card users: If your handheld has expansion and you are looking to start using it, a very good place to start is www.launchplug.com. It was originally started for users of Launcher III and the Pitech MemPlug for HandSpring Visors, but it is very useful and informative for any users just getting started with expansion cards.

If you have other questions, suggestions, or comments, write me (Matthew Holm) at [email protected]

*Discounts for initial purchases from Laridian are often available. Check for advertisements in magazines, such as Christian Computing Magazine. It could be well worth your time.


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