General Information on the Provided Electronic Book Formats

  1. iSilo Format - The iSilo format is a format that was developed to be used solely on Palm OS Handhelds. Recently, versions of iSilo have been released for both Pocket PC and Windows 95 or later. eBooks produced in this format can only be viewed by the reader software iSilo or iSilo Free because they are highly compressed in a special way (which means that the eBook files are smaller). eBooks in this format can contain links (shortcuts to other parts of the book) and a Table of Contents for quick reference to certain parts of the book.

  2. MobiPocket Format - The MobiPocket format is a format that has been developed using standards for eBooks to allow it to be viewed on many different devices. The MobiPocket format can be read on Palm OS Handhelds, Windows-based Handhelds, Franklin eBook Readers, Psion Epoc32 Handhelds, and even the Nokia 9210 and 9290. eBooks made in this format are quite a bit bigger than those in the iSilo format because it is not compressed. The MobiPocket format also allows for the use of links (shortcuts) and provides for a custom Table of Contents.

  3. (Palm) Doc Format - As implied in the name, the Doc format is designed to be used on Palm OS handhelds. It is actually the standard text document format for Palm OS devices. There are many Doc readers available. The main limitations to the Doc format is that there is no native way to create links (shortcuts), a table of contents, or format the text (bold, italics, bigger font, etc). Many of the available Doc readers provide a customized way to create bookmarks, but there is no standard method.

  4. Microsoft Reader Format - Again, as the name implies, this format is designed to be used by Microsoft-operated devices or computers. eBooks created in this compressed format can be read on Windows-desktop PCs and PocketPC handheld devices using Microsoft Reader. This format is specifically designed for use with eBooks so it provides many useful features, such as underlining, note-taking, and bookmarks. It makes good use of links (shortcuts) and the Table of Contents.

  5. Franklin eBookMan Format - This format is designed specifically for the Franklin eBook readers. It is a good eBook format, but is only useful if you own a Franklin eBookMan Reader.

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