Windows PC users now have four options:

  1. Download eBooks created for MSReader (Microsoft Reader)
  2. Download eBooks created for MobiPocket (MobiPocket Reader)*
  3. Download eBooks created for iSilo (iSilo Reader)*
  4. Just read them on web from the White Estate website.

*Both MobiPocket & iSilo have released programs since the page was originally created that will allow Windows users to read their eBooks.

The advantages of using MSReader on your computer include the ability to:

  • Highlight
  • Bookmark
  • Add written notes
  • Add drawings
  • Search the entire book at one time
  • Save your place between readings
  • Adjust font size of words
  • Look up words instantly in the free optional dictionary (additional download)
  • Have the eBooks read to you out loud from your computer (additional download).
  • Same eBook file can be used on a PocketPC handheld device (in case you have both).

Download MSReader here.
Download MobiPocket for PC here.
Download iSilo for Windows here.


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